Recycling truck for plastic retrieval

Bill Graves is the Executive Director and founder for Green Planet Plastics. He has been the primary recycler of Agricultural plastics in Butte County California for the past 10 years. After collection, plastics are recycled by recognized contractors and the shredded material is then converted to other plastics not related to food products. Mr. Graves and the firm of Green Planet Plastics, has collected over 700 thousand pounds of plastic in the past 10 years! Yes 700,000, please note my photo is from a single collection.
     The problem is, he is driving a 20 year old Ford F250 that is not in keeping with our environmental mode.  Fuel economy is a concern and the truck has high mileage. The funds will benefit our outreach effort will be used to purchase a more economical and environmentally friendly pickup. Support from others would help prevent plastics from reaching the sea and would be so important for our public image. I have a hard time asking others to be environmentally friendly while driving a vehicle that gets 7 miles to the gallon.
     Mr. Graves also helps with plastic retrieval education and travels the western states helping others establish collection programs. I would like to raise the funds before our next series of trainings begin. If possible, I would like to raise the funds by the summer of 2019. I won't be purchasing an expensive vehicle, I'm simply hoping for a used but reliable economy  truck. If you also believe in helping the environment and educating others I would really appreciate any support you might provide.


Bill Graves
Chico, CA

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