Ukraine - Border Transfer Initiative AND MORE

After a total of 8 days at the border and 47 Ukrainians shuttled from the Border to Przemysl, Krakow, Katowice and Vienna, paid out ~7.500 in cash, delivered Medicine at a value of 8.800,– the first mission can be called a great success.
Although I wish to say that a great success of humanity would be if we would not need any of this, at all.
But thats a different story.

We will come back to the Border because it does not look like anything is going to be better in foreseeable time. It is amazing to already have a network and infrastructure to make future missions even more effective:
• a WhatsApp group of helpers and organizations to coordinate drivers and refugees
• a network of organization who take care of accommodation and new (temporary) homes
• even a job platform to help them find a job, wherever in Europe they plan to stay
• continuous support from the Hutchinski Family and Volkswagen John who provide the bus for the shuttles

When it is time to rebuild the country, we will drive to Ukraine with a FOOD-TRUCK and cook like crazy. Please keep on supporting. The money will be saved and needed for this mission. A lot of pasta, tomatoes, cheese, bread, potatoes and more will be on our shopping list for this endeavor.

Niki & Laura

Hundreds of Thousands Ukrainians have lost their home and had to leave with uncertainty. Most of them left their fathers and husbands behind - to fight for their country. At the borders, the refugees have to wait up to 16 hours to cross the border. At the end of the line, only one bus at a time can transport 60-70 people into Central Europe. Already last weekend, we shuttled three families to Krakow and Vienna, gave each of the € 300,– as a financial support to settle or continue their transfer to another country.
Next weekend, we will return with a bigger car and have three rides per day, between Medyka (Polish/Ukrainian border) and Krakow - bringing 30 people per day away from the border, give hope to 90 Ukrainians in three days - that there is a better world out there, waiting to help - until they can return home and rebuild their country.
We need to raise 30.000 in donation to
• buy medicine
• pay for fuel
• give every Ukrainian we will give a ride € 300,– in cash.
Please donate
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