We are fundraising for charities/hospitals close to our hearts.


We have two babies both were born premature. Our first baby boy 'Ray' was born at 26 weeks 5 days, Ray had a heartbeat right up until birth, but with a traumatic early spontaneous labour Ray was born sleeping. We were able to see Ray and spend time with him, he was dressed smart, brought through to us in a cold cot with his arm wrapped around a teddy, he looked so beautiful and peaceful, not as though he had passed but as though he was just having a sleep. Calderdale Royal provided us with the cold cot, outfit, casts of Rays feet, love and support. Calderdale bereavement is where a portion of our donations will go.

From 4louis charity we received a memory box for Ray. This memory box helped tremendously with our grief, it kept us close to Ray including his tiny hand and footprints, seeds to plant, photos of Ray, a candle and so much more. With this memory box our treasured moments with Ray were kept alive. We often get out his memory box to look through and to feel close to our little angel. Our second portion of donations will go to 4louis charity.



Our second baby, our Rainbow baby, Our little miracle Sienna-Ray was born at 25 weeks + 2 days gestation weighing a tiny 750g/1.6lb . Due to Sienna-Ray being born so preterm she needed 24 hour care. Sienna was in NICU at the BRI after birth before she got poorly, she later returned to the BRI after 6 weeks. Sienna had one to one care for a long period of time at the BRI, she received blood transfusions, medicines, TPN feed, ventilator life support, heart scans, brain scans, eye checks, eye injections, laser eye surgery etc.




After 2 weeks at the BRI Sienna-Ray got emergency transferred over to the LGI where she had a life saving bowel operation. Sienna had malrotation of her small intestine meaning a portion of her bowel was twisted and had lost blood supply. The surgeons got Sienna to theatre urgently, her surgery took 2 and a half hours. A couple of days after surgery she was really poorly not only was she on the ventilator she was also on the occilator, which vibrated on her chest, she was that swollen her organs were getting squashed and this made it difficult for Sienna to breathe it was very touch and go. 4 days later Sienna had to go back to theatre to see if any more bowel needed removing, a tiny portion did and we were lucky she had the best outcome having her bowel reattached over having a stoma bag. Whilst in theatre she has two new cannulas, a broviac line and her bowel op. Sienna received great care in the LGI, she had 24 hour 1 to 1 care, TPN feed, lots of meds, care from both the surgical and neonatal consultants, brain scans, heart scans, blood and platelet transfusions, steroids, X-Rays, love & care and probably so much more than I've listed, everything becomes such a blur as it was such a stressful time.






I can not forget to mention the amazing transport team Embrace. Embrace transported Sienna-Ray over to the BRI from Calderdale after birth. When Sienna was 2 weeks old they transported her urgently with blue lights over to the LGI for her life saving bowel ops. Embrace returned her from the LGI to the BRI once Sienna had recovered and the surgeons were ready for her return to the BRI. Embrace team were absolutely brilliant, they introduced themselves worked hard and quick ensuring all the safety checks were in place before Siennas transportation, they had amazing high tech transport incubators, kept us informed throughout, we got a bag with some essentials in to help us that they give to every parent whose baby/child gets transported. Sienna even has a teddy ambulance which we can tell her all about when shes older.






Our 2 charities/hospitals for Ray are:

-Calderdale bereavement


Our 3 charities/hospitals for Sienna-Ray are:

-Bradford Royal Infirmary Neonatal

-Leeds General Infirmary Neonatal

-Embrace transport team


From our experience we are trying to raise money and awareness for the hospitals & charities which played huge roles in our journey. Aiming to help families who have been or are going through similar and all of the families who may need help in the future. The love the support & the care we received throughout our journey will never be fully repaid it can only be recognised & shared raising both money & awareness.


Thank you so much for every single ounce of love & kindness, every donation made helps go towards a magnificent cause.


All our love,


Matthew, Saphron, Ray & Sienna-Ray xx


Sienna is now home & thriving without oxygen or feeding tubes, she has come so far, here's a photo for cuteness and what money raised can do to help these little tiny miracle babies!




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