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One of my core values is humility, I am thankful for what I have and how I am able to help others. I am not one to ask for help, normally. I have spent time in prayer considering this and feel it is time to humble myself and realize I need help.

How did I get here:

12 months ago I woke to find my only reliable transportation having been vandalized,  not long after that my apartment was broken into. At that time I took on a car note and started a new position at work, which I LOVE; the downside was even though it was a pay raise in gross income it was a pay decrease in net (take home) income. After child support, rent, utilities and the basics there is not a lot left over. I have been saving, and dealing with minor emergencies as they pop up.... I have enough for gas and insurance but not a car payment so I had to let the car go and start using public transportation.

For 9 months now I have been relying on public transportation. I work for a great company, which gives a public transportation reimbursement. Honestly, I will use public transportation some of the time even if I have a reliable vehicle. I realize there are benefits to this and have been accepting of the situation. It is reliable and consistent while being frustrating. A 25 minute drive to work is an hour and a half commute. Walk 1/4 mile to bus stop ride two busses then walk a mile to work. On days I go to my second job walk a mile to the bus station ride the train then walk two miles to work. If you leave 5 to 10 minutes late or if the bus is early and you're not there it can add 20 to 60 plus minutes to the commute.

Last week I "car sat" for a friend for a week and now I am back to public transportation. This morning it really hit home how much I am missing out on a lot of life by not having a car.
The thing I miss the most is spending quality time with my kids!

Spend enough time with my kids
My oldest is a drum major and amazing saxophonist, I am missing his concerts and marches!

My second oldest is a martial artist and into a lot of sports, I am missing his belt tests, sport competitions!

My youngest is in Special Olympics, I am missing these events.

Because of the situation I don't get enough time with them and when they do visit it is difficult to get out and do things!

Not only am I missing out on spending time with them they are missing spending time with me, being there as a role model, supporting them in their endevors, letting them know I am here!  They get it but its not fair to them.

Giving back to the community:

I am a believer in community service and volunteering, I have not been able to give back enough! Thankfully in my professional role I have an opportunity to help others grow professionally and personally. It is fullfilling but it's not enough. I want to afford my kids an opportunity to share in this joy to help them help others and see the benefits of giving back.

How you are helping:

Your donation will go toward reliable transportation affording me the opportunity to spend more time with my amazing kids and help us to give back to the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Randall Holahan 
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