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Please help us!! My husband is African-Egyptian- American, we have two beautiful healthy children together and live in Davidson county, Nashville TN. We were driving through middletown Connecticut while I was pregnant with my 3rd child after visiting family in New Jersey when I felt some pain in my back so we decided to stop at a nearby hospital (middlesex). Once inside they started making all of these accusations against us saying that because we are a mixed race couple, that we "look like criminals." They started accusing my husband of being a "muslim terrorist" and me of being a "drug addict." None of it is true! My tox screens were all negative and my husband and I are both Christian!! They held us against our will at the hospital and forced me to have a c-section that was not medically necessary and that I did not consent for against my will. They tortured us, refused to allow our family in the hospital to see us, refused to allow us to see our child or let me breastfeed her and refused to allow me to have my diabetes and blood pressure medicines until after it made me very very sick! They had the DCF come and take our baby from us and lied about everything in their reports saying that we did not care about our baby and had to be FORCED to go see her in the nursery and that I had a bag of pills with me (just to make me look like some kind of drug addict!) None of it is true! We have recordings of them verbally abusing us at the hospital and holding us against our will! They made up tons of lies about us in their reports and then they keep telling us that we have to prove them wrong! One of the lies they put in their reports was that we "were gypsies living out of our car" so we gave them the lease to the home we were renting in Nashville, tn. Then they contacted our landlord and had them tell us we had to be out by the end of the month! Then we had to spend thousands of dollars we didn't have moving our family into another home. We have given them all of our information and records and all they do is lie to us (and we have multiple recordings of it!) They are refusing to give us our daughter back, have her placed with our family members or have our case transferred to our home state (uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act) They are extremely corrupt and are severely abusing and misusing their power for their own personal gain and profit. Our daughter nearly died in their care after we begged them not to let the foster family send her to daycare at only 8 weeks old and she caught RSV and ended up fighting for her life in the hospital, but they did it anyway because they said that's what was "most convenient for the foster family." She is still very sick until this day because they refuse to remove her from daycare! PLEASE HELP US! THEY ARE KILLING OUR BABY!!! I HAVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE TO HAVE A BABY GIRL and we love her dearly! We are very good parents to our 2 little boys in Tennessee whom we love very much! My husband and I are both educated with masters degrees and have been to medical school in the Caribbean. These Connecticut DCF are so corrupt that they have already set a court date to terminate our parental rights to our baby girl even though we haven't had our "trial" yet and been found guilty!! Everyone in connecticut, even our own attorney, has told us there is simply no way we can win against the DCF in CT and that we should just accept it, because the judges don't care what really happened, only how the DCF reported it with their lies. We have spent all of our savings on lawyer fees and through making nearly 30 trips so far from Tennessee to Connecticut to see our poor infant child. The lawyer we have is a real jerk and hasn’t done anything beneficial for our case. He has told us we have no chance of winning and is now extorting us for another $10000 for an all day trial (we don’t even know what we are on trial for!!) He refuses to tell us anything about our case to even talk to us or email us until we give him the $10000. The DCF have told us that once they get their judgement against us in Connecticut, they are going to send a referral down to the DCS in TN and have them take our 2 little boys based on their CT judgement and if we try to run or hide our children, they will find us. They told us that if we try to leave the country, they will use an agency called “International social services usa” to hunt us down and take our other children from us!!! We desperately need to raise money for a good attorney to help us fight to get our child back!

Even though they are refusing to give us our daughter back, the CT DCF do not have Jurisdiction over our child because of the Uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act. Connecticut and 48 other states have agreed to abide by this law that dictates the jurisdiction of children depending on the state they and their parents live in. It dictates that if the court becomes “aware” that the parents and child are not residents of a state, then the case should be transferred to the appropriate state. We need a lawyer from our home state (Nashville, tn) to file a motion on our behalf to have our case transferred here. Please let us know if you or anyone you know might be willing to take on our case and help us! We would give all that we own for her safe return!!

Here is what happened, I was 38 weeks pregnant, it was a Friday afternoon and we had started driving from New jersey (where we had been staying with family) to Maine for a weekend babymoon. It would have taken us 6 hours to get there and about 3 hours into the trip I started having some back pain and got a little worried about the baby. I have never been in labor before but I have heard of women having "back labor" and wanted to make sure it wasn't that. We stopped at a hospital called Middlesex hospital in Middletown, CT to make sure everything was ok.  I sure didn’t want to take any chances of maybe being in labor and having the baby in the car. (I had gone to 41 weeks with my first child, and still didn't go into labor). I have never been in labor before so I don’t know what it feels like, but I had been planning to have a VBAC for this birth because I did not want to have another C-section. My last two c-section were very traumatic and the recover was extremely long! They apparently don’t have much diversity there as most of their citizens are either white or black. We obviously didn’t know this before we stopped there, but as soon as we got inside, they started shooting one accusation against us after another. We told them we had been staying with family but that we really lived in Tennessee. This nurse named Sarah flat out told us she thought we were lying and asked if we were sure we weren’t “living out of our car.” We told her we were absolutely not living out of our car! Then she told us if we had been driving long distances from Tennessee while pregnant, that they could have us prosecuted for “child endangerment.” We told her we had only been driving for 3 hours! She asked me what medications I take, I told her I take medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma and that my pill bottles were in the car. She told me “are we sure we are not self-medicating?” I told her no I do not “self-medicate” and that I have prescriptions! She wrote down in her report that I “self-medicate with a bag of pills!” We didn’t have our camera with us and the memory was full on my phone from all the pictures I take of my children. I didn’t know what I had backed up and what I didn’t, but I wanted to make sure we could take pictures just in case I was in labor. My husband told me the only thing left to erase were text messages because they take up a lot of data, so I started erasing the ones I didn’t need. She wrote in her report that we were “deleting suspicious text messages that we thought might implicate us in our “crimes!” She asked us what the names and birthdates were of our other children and we told her, she wrote in her report that we were a “flight risk because it appeared that we did not have custody of our other children and that we were headed for the Canadian border!” We did not even have our other children with us at the time! Then she and another nurse started accusing my husband of being a “MUSLIM” and started going on and on to each other about how it was “EGYPTIANS that took down the world trade center!” We told them he is Orthodox CHRISTIAN! They called us liars! Two nurses striped off my clothes in front of male nursing students gawking at my naked body (even though I had asked them to tell the male staff to leave, they refused) I was forced to urinate in a cup in front of 2 nurses while I was half naked. (my tox screens, and those of my daughter were all negative.) They literally treated us like caged animals! Sarah told us that the only way a white woman like me would be with a “dark muslim-looking man” was if we were “some kind of criminals running from the law.” They asked me who he REALLY was and if he was “even legally in the country!?” I told them he was my husband and that he and his family moved to this country when he was a small child! It was insane! We asked to leave many times but they refused to let us leave and said that they would have us “arrested for child endangerment.” They forced me to have a c-section against my will that was not medically necessary. I was not even one cm dilated, I never felt a single contraction and the baby’s heart rate was not compromised in any way! Sarah admitted in her report that they had held us in the hospital against our will and that the c-section had to be done on “short order,” because they had done it against my will. You know how long it takes when you go the emergency room, you can always expect to be there for like several hours? By the time we had been there for about an hour, they were already rolling me back to do the c-section! About ten minutes afterwards, I was still very drugged and there was a DCF worker sitting in our room telling us there was a good chance they were going to take our child, that they “do this with immigrants all the time” and a nurse named Laura telling her that I “self-medicate with a bag of pills. During our stay at the hospital over the holiday weekend, the hospital staff terrorized us and treated like criminals. They took our baby to the nursery and would not let her stay in our room. My husbands family came to the hospital twice to try to visit us and our baby, the hospital turned them away and would not let them in. This nursed named Laura kept telling all the staff that I was a “drug addict and that I should not be allowed to breastfed my child.” They wrote in their reports that I did not handle my infant properly and that I had to be “taught by the hospital staff how to change a diaper.” They said that my husband once “tried to wrap our child in his coat and smuggle her out of the building” even though we were on a locked ward, we weren’t allowed to leave and she was in a locked nursery with no other infants where we had to be “supervised” at all times while we were with her! We were only allowed to leave our room at scheduled times to feed our baby. Once I tried to do some walking in the hallway because my legs were hurting from laying in bed so long after surgery( and anyone who has had a c-section can tell you they tell you to walk in the hallways to keep your blood pumping so that you don’t get a blot clot.) They called security and had them come threaten us that if we didn’t stay in our room, they were going to have us “thrown out of the hospital” and that they were going to have our daughter “adopted out by a more deserving family!” We NEVER had any chance of leaving that hospital with our child! Even though we don’t know the exact allegations, they are saying that we neglected and abused her while we were sleeping and we missed two of her feeds, and even though the very capable nurses were there and fed her, they say that WE should have been there. They are also saying that because we are a mixed-race couple, that she would not have a good life with us and that we are guilty of “predictive neglect” so even though we already have two beautiful healthy children, they are saying that we are “unfit” parents and should not get our daughter back because we will surely neglect her in the future!!! HOW IS THIS NOT DISCRIMINATION AND A VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHTS???!!!! NO ONE IN CONNECTICUT WILL HELP US BECAUSE THEY SAY WE HAVE NO CHANCE OF WINNING AGAINST THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE SO POWERFUL AND APPARENTLY NO ONE IN ANY OTHER STATE HAS ANY POWER TO DO SO!!! OUR ATTORNEY IS A REAL JERK AND WE ARE COMPLETELY LOST AS TO WHAT WE CAN DO TO GET OUR CHILD BACK! They have accused us of being “from low-life families,” of “being gypsies living out our car,” of “being drug addicts or drug lords or both,” of being “Muslim terrorists,” of being “international baby sellers,” and of being “criminals running for the law” among other things. Now they are saying that one or both of us must be mentally insane and they have filed a motion to force us to “be evaluated” by the very same court appointed mental health “specialist” who testified against Kristen Fauquet and her husband while their parental rights were being terminated saying that she had too many “mood swings” after her child was nearly starved and beaten to death while in DCF custody and she started crying when she heard one of her children call the foster parent “mom.” The case worker claimed she was having a hysterical fit over a “small thing!” Sure it was small to him because his whole life was not being torn apart!!! (the children had been taken from their home because the DCF claimed their home was “too messy.”) And what were his “mental health issues” that he had to lose his children forever you ask? They claimed he had “ADHD” (That’s not a mental health issue, it is a learning disability!), he looked tired during his supervised visits (because he had just worked two shifts back to back), he let one of them go up the slide the wrong way and he gave them some sweets once during a visit (which was before their scheduled dinner time!) Their government is so corrupt, they can do anything they want and they apparently always get away with it!!!


For the last six months, we have been begging the CT DCF (and our lawyer for that matter!) to tell us why are daughter is being held captive away from us and the rest of her family and what exactly we are on “trial” for. Now merely 3 weeks before our trial, we have been informed that they (the WHITE SUPREMACIST WOOM-ROBBING BABY SNATCHERS CALLED THE DCF in the state of Connecticut) are putting us on trial for something called “predictive neglect,” meaning that they can’t really pin ANYTHING on us, but they have no intention of giving  us our child back!!! These horrible people at this Middlesex hospital in Middletown, CT knew EXACTLY what they intended to do to us from the moment we walked in the door! Long before they EVER drugged me and cut my child from my body WITHOUT MY CONSENT, they had EVERY intention of stealing our child from us and NEVER GIVING HER BACK, just like the Neonatologist told us that day in our room!!!! They TORTURED US AND HELD US CAPTIVE AGAINST OUR WILL, and even tried to get us to give up our daughter WILLINGLY on several occasions telling us that because we were an interracial couple, that she would NEVER have a good life with us!!!! When we continued to refuse because our children mean more to us than our own lives, they started calling us derogatory names (one nurse said that our daughter looked Chinese and asked us if we “would even still want her” and when we told her to leave us alone, she said “well being Chinese is probably better than being half HALF ALBINO, HALF Osama Bin Laudin!” Then they wrote all these LIES about us in their reports saying I was a “drug addict with a bag of pills,” that my husband was “probably a Muslim terrorist” (among other things) and that “we cared so little about our baby that we had to be FORCED TO GO SEE HER IN THE NURSERY!!!” They treated us like CAGED ANIMALS INSIDE THEIR HOUSE OF HORRORS HOSPITAL AND NEVER INTEDNED TO LET US HAVE OUR BABY! She was never anything more to them than a commodity that they intend to sell!

We stayed in Connecticut in hotels in the ice and snow for over a week after they took our child from us! We bought a $300 travel breast pump and I pumped EVERY TWO HOURS in the icy cold, in the snow in the hotels and even in the car. I kept up my milk for nearly 3 months hoping and praying that I would get to see my baby again and that it wasn’t all in vain. All that milk that I pumped for so long, my poor sweet baby never even got to have one sip. I was in SO MUCH PAIN AFTER THAT C-SECTION it was nearly unbearable at times because they only gave me measly 6 little pain pills, and yet I still pumped every two hours (in the past after a c-section it was standard to get 30 pain pills which lasted about a week and even that was hard just laying around in my own bed!) After having major surgery and two days out of the hospital, I had nothing to ease my pain except some Ibuprofen we bought at the store which I couldn’t take much of because I was bleeding so profusely! I called their office for help and they told me they had no intention of making me ANY appointment until I paid them “THEIR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS” (because they were out of network with my insurance) for forcing a surgery on me just to steal my daughter! These people at MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL need to be investigated and PUT IN PRISION FOR WHAT THEY DID TO US!!!  

After staying in that horrible state for over a week in hotels waiting for them to release our child after they stole her and kicked us out into the cold, we had to leave to go get our other two children so our family could go back to work. A court clerk named “Paula” told us that we didn’t need to be at the first hearing because it was nothing more than a “plea hearing” for us to plead guilty or not guilty and that our attorney could attend and do that for us. (we have a recording of her telling us this.) It turned out that was never true and IF we had gone to that hearing, we could have possibly plead our innocence and possibly gotten our child back then, but we did not know.

These recordings are from the “Case plan Meeting” held on January 4th, 2019. (The day before our oldest sons 4th birthday.) Our attorney clearly states at two different points during the meeting how they had “already accused us of being drug addicts, drug lords, Muslim terrorists, gypsies living out of our car and international baby sellers” among other things, and NONE of those things turned out to be true and asked what else they were possibly looking for!” The reason they were accusing us of those things was because those were all the things THE HATEFUL RACIST HOSPITAL said about us before they took her from us in the first place! As for the woman in the recording who is constantly arguing with me, her name is Marie, our case workers supervisor. She is the same woman who lied about our child’s birth certificate being in DCF custody and then told David (our case worker) she had told us that because it was “easier to strip one parent of rights than two.” These 2 corrupt people (she and the case worker) are the ones in charge of what my husband and I are “on trial for.” Now after all this time, we finally realize why they have been so evasive about everything surrounding our case. We have been kept in the dark this entire time even by our own (terrible) attorney. The reason why that in 6 months’ time they NEVER signed us up for any parenting classes or ANY SERVICES AT ALL FOR THAT MATTER, the reason why they would never tell us what the allegations were and why they would never tell us what “steps we could take” to get our child back, it was all because there ARE NO STEPS TO TAKE WHEN YOU ARE FOUND GUILTY OF “PREDICTIVE NEGLECT!” THEY JUST TOOK OUR CHILD, MADE UP A BUNCH OF TRASH THAT IS NOT TRUE BECAUSE THEY ARE SO RACIST AND THEY NEVER INTENDED TO GIVE HER BACK!!! They have us on trial for “predictive neglect” BECAUSE OUR CASE WORKER AND HIS SUPERVISORS ARE SO CORRUPT, THEY ARE KEEPING OUR CHILD FROM US JUST OUT OF SPITE FOR CALLING THEM OUT ON THEIR LIES!!! And because since we didn’t yet do anything wrong, there IS NOTHING we can do to get her back! Even though we already have 2 healthy children and neither of us has ever been diagnosed with mental illness, they have had the judge supposedly “court order” us to go to these 6- hour mental health interrogations so they can diagnose one or both of us with some “terrible mental health issues” AFTER THE FACT since none of their other accusations panned out. After this case plan meeting which was absolutely pointless because they basically told us nothing, our attorney told us that Marie and David were MOCKING ME and calling me derogatory names, saying that I was a “paranoid little freak” for not believing them when they told me they “wouldn’t necessarily steal our other children if we brought them into CT with us to see their sister!” We begged them not to put our child in daycare so young, but they told us they didn’t care what we wanted because it was “convenient for the foster family.” Three weeks after this recording was taken, our sweet baby girl that we worked so hard to have was in Connecticut Children’s Hospital FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE WITH RSV!!!

Later after the case plan meeting David, the case worker took my husband and myself into a different room and asked us to sign some “referals” for us to go to parenting classes. (In all these months, they have NEVER ONCE MADE ANY ATTEMPT to send us to a single parenting class!!) We agreed and as he was handing us the two different sheets for us to sign, he was telling us that we are really “two very different people” and that most likely it is the case that “only one of us will be cleared as “safe” for the baby to go home with.” I told him that I ddn’t understand, what would that mean for the other person since we are married, have two other children and live in the same house? He just said “well, I don’t want to confuse you so we’ll just talk about that later.” (We looked it up on the internet and it said that all the time, the DCF will tell parents the ONLY WAY to get their child back is to divorce their spouse, then at least one of them can have their child back and thus be able to keep them out of foster care. Then later on, they say that because you are divorced and you have a broken home, you’re not a fit parent and use that in and of itself to never give you your child back!) We then told him that we wanted to bring our relatives to see our daughter. He just bluntly told us “no.” He said that the “visitation was only for parents.” We begged him saying “please our family wants to see our daughter.” (we have a recording of the conversation!) Again he just said “no.” Later in the “case plan report” every single thing they wrote regarding their observations of us interacting with our child were extremely negative and were all completely false! They wrote all of these lies saying that we “refused to bring our family to see our daughter, we didn’t care about her, we were terrible parents and that we couldn’t even feed her or hold her or change her the right way.” They didn’t say anything at all about how much we obviously loved her, cared for her, held her, cried for her, laughed with her, took pictures with her and dressed her into all the smocked baby dresses (we have had for her since our first child was born.) 

The night before we left for our weekend baby moon retreat to Maine, we were in New York and we went to see the movie called the “Nutcracker.” I was daydreaming during the whole movie about what my Sofia would look like and who she would be. I have attached a video of the theme song from that movie because I listen to it so often because it is all I have left of my sweet child!

My husband and I are good people! We worked very hard in school getting Bachelors and then Master’s degree’s and then went on to Medical school. We don’t drink or smoke or do drugs. We don’t yell at or beat our children or leave them in hot cars. Before I got out of graduate school, I had babysat my whole life because I love working with children!!! We have worked very hard day in and day out to take very good care of our children and give them a nice life since they were born!!! The point is, WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!! All we did was drive through the CORRUPT STATE OF CONNECTICUT!!! The racist, white supremacist hospital staff DECIDED TO THEMSELVES that we must be some kind of “criminals running from the law” and after labeling us as such, we NEVER HAD ANY CHANCE OF GETTING OUT OF THAT HORRIBLE HOSPITAL WITH OUR CHILD!!! Now they are saying that because we are an INTERACIAL COUPLE, that WE ARE THE TYPE OF PEOPLE who are DEFINITELY GOING to be neglecting and abusing our children in the future and therefore we cannot have our daughter back EVER!!! They have told us that once they get their guilty verdict against us (because they tell us they are CERTAIN that they will!) they are going to send a referral down to the DCS in TN to come bust down our door and forcibly take our children from us because they will be deemed “IN IMMINENT THREAT OF DANGER?!” I have attached videos of us and our life with our children together on Facebook. Do they look like they are in any DANGER TO YOU???!!! No one in the corrupt state of Connecticut wants to help us and no one in any other state says they CAN help us! I have made HUNDREDS OF PHONE CALLS AND SENT HUNDRENDS OF EMAILS!!! They simply DO NOT CARE because they do these kinds of things to their own poor citizens all the time and everyone is seemingly powerless to stop them, but WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG and it should be ILLEGAL!! We have been told that the judge will never even listen to our side of the story at this point because the DCF have already made “us look like liars” and made her BIASED AGAINST US!!! They have been terrorizing us for the last 6 months and have barely let us see our child more than a hand full of times!!! Now they are saying that because all this time has gone by, the middle-aged, uneducated foster parents  (who are leaching off the government  and waited a whole week watching our child have symptoms before they took her to the hospital when she was diagnosed with RSV) “have already bonded with her” because they have kept her from us thousands of miles from our home, and that she is BETTER OF WITH THEM NOW??!!!! Those in CT that do have the power to help are also very corrupt and making a TON of money off of lying, cheating and stealing the lives from their own people. They themselves are so busy sucking the souls out of their own society, to notice or care and just claim that “it’s not their problem!” No one cares about little people like us and no one will care when we are gone but please just remember us! Six months ago they took our child from us after forcing me into a c-section that I did not want, did not consent for and was not medically necessary. Now she will NEVER get to know the mother who dreamed of her for so many years and carried her all those months, the father that she looks so much like and loves her more than anything, or the family that fought so hard to save her from terrible, racist greedy MONSTERS! Six months ago it was our newborn daughter they stole from us in that FILTHY MIDDLESEX HOUSE OF HORRORS HOSPITAL WHERE WE WERE HELD CAPTIVE AGAINST OUR WILL, BUT TOMORROW IT COULD BE YOURS! Please call every legislator you can think of and tell them our story and how UNCONSTITUTIONAL IT IS TO TAKE PEOPLES CHILDREN FROM THEM CLAIMING “PREDICTIVE NEGLECT” ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ALREADY HAVE 2 HEALTHY CHILDREN! We never did ANYTHING to deserve the way we were treated and we NEVER deserved to lose our child, but this is the way Connecticut apparently operates with its OWN CITIZENS AND HAS BEEN FOR MANY YEARS.! It sounds like a vast majority of the other parents they are victimizing in CT did anything to deserve it either, and we have heard hundreds of stories by now!! Please help us hold these corrupt people in Connecticut accountable for their RACISM and their CRIMES ON HUMANITY!!!


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