R & D for Targeted Individuals

Friends of Humanity,                          December 20th 2016
I am writing to you as a representative of Citizens against Harmful Technology (www.citizensaht.org) to inform you of the biggest threat humanity has ever had to face. Many people across the world are being tortured by electronic weapons to include Microwave’s, Laser based weapons and mind altering technology using frequency projecting devices that control human emotions reactions & body functions. There are also organized stalking networks that monitor, track, harass, intimidate & provoke targeted people. Targeted people are blacklisted in many places they go for services & for work until they are devastated to the point of losing their jobs and homes. These organized crime networks buy up foreclosures for pennies on the dollar when the targets are forced to leave their jobs & homes because of torture, slander & financial devastation. Targets also have their homes planted with chemicals and biological warfare to compromise their health. Targeted individuals (T.I.'s) are from a wide variety of all walks of life & professions and are kind, hard working intelligent people.
Some of the people that have been targeted are people (including myself & my partner) that have become whistle blowers against some of the atrocities perpetrated by ruthless rogue groups that have infiltrated all major technological and political systems across the world. They are motivated by huge profits and have their own hidden agenda to undermine and eventually control the human race.
So many people across the world have been tortured for decades while the unsuspecting public goes on with their lives to pursue their dreams completely oblivious of what is silently being done to neighbors and co workers. I hear my partner cry out at night from the attacks done to her for compiling & publishing many videos to you tube and explicit information at the CAHT website. We have both been severely tortured for being whistle blowers against designer diseases to include Lyme disease & Morgellon’s Syndrome that are confirmed genetically altered biological warfare agents.
We both had to run from our homes in hope of escaping a slow torturous death. They burned my house to the ground when I ran for my life in 2007. They were trying to stop me from my interaction with three top microbiologists exposing illegal designer diseases they have used against humanity to profit from. The microbiologists are Garth Nicolson from the Institute for Molecular Medicine who exposed genetically altered Mycoplasma’s found in Gulf war 1991 and CFS/ Fibromyalgia victims. He wrote Project Daylilly to expose these crimes and save his life as a whistle blower. Microbiologist Lida Mattman wrote Cell Wall Deficient Forms subtitled Stealth Pathogens and cultured Lyme disease samples for doctor’s that couldn’t get accurate tests for their patients. She was threatened by the D.A. to stop providing this service or go to jail. Microbiologist Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D.,N.D. wrote the Cure for all Diseases and the Cure for all Advanced Cancers and helped facilitate the use of frequency therapies to rid the body of invasive disease causing pathogens. I continued my work in microbiology to discover a pathogen that eats the skin found in Morgellon’s patients leaving painful open sores on their bodies. The Geneva Convention & Nuremburg code clearly states it is unlawful to create disease that evades the immune system. Morgellon’s is currently labeled Delusional Parasitosis by the Centers for Disease Control. The pathogens I have discovered under my microscopes prove that Morgellons isn’t delusional at all. Morgellons patients that show doctors this proof are sent letters telling them they are no longer welcome at their office for medical services.

These rogue organized crime groups have organized & taken over much of the world systems & must be stopped or we will all suffer the devastating demise they have planned for us. This is affecting everyone & will become more apparent to everyone in the very near future. We are all currently under the complete saturation of subtle mind altering frequencies being induced into our environment by many technologies to include H.A.A.R.P. , satellites, smart phones, cell towers, drones, smart meters, the smart grid network, Radar & chem. trails to name a few. Many of these state of the art technologies are interconnected across the world and can be implemented at any time. You will find a wide variety of implant technology on our website to include medical body area networks interfaced through smart phones. Many people are seeing these implants covertly installed in them in medical imaging. Many people that think they have Tinnitus actually are hooked up to a remote neural monitoring network that monitors everything they see here & do. Look for small cosmetic grade scars behind your ears if you have Tinnitus. What used to be Sci Fi is now quite real.
Nanotechnology has been put in air, food & water and is capable of tracking & harming humans. Look up Quantum Dots & Smart Dust to see the danger for yourself. These are frequency responsive & capable of sending and receiving data to include subliminal messages and inflicting pain and damaging vital organs in people. Our universities are being used to facilitate research on these topics and then the results are taken by the military industrial complex to be used against all people for profit and world wide control. The tax payers are paying the bill for their own demise.

Jesse Ventura (ex governor of Michigan) and so many others have also worked very hard to expose this awful truth we can no longer ignore. You will find a show he titled Brain Invaders on You Tube that interviews people that are black listed & tortured and have been for many years. There are many people that are being covertly tortured with silent electronic weapons and coming forward looking for help and support from our organization. We provide an informative weekly newsletter and a five hour conference call every Sunday. We have provided some protective measures for them but are at a crossroads for required funding to facilitate better materials to block the harmful technologies devastating people’s health and detection equipment to prove the assaults and the source of them. We also must have better lab equipment to examine specimens and chemicals found in people’s homes and bodies.
It is your funding that will help to facilitate the effectiveness of our established community in bringing exposure and legislature to neutralize this threat to all of humanity and bring these criminals to justice.
I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Knowledge is Power & at this point it's the only thing that will beat force. Please help to protect the future of humanity and our children. I am ever so grateful for your contribution towards the safe and healthy future of humanity.
Neal Chevrier


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Neal Chevrier 
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