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Queer Koalas - Lesbian Bar & Cafe in Los Angeles

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No Queer women's spaces in LA?!

No shock, right? Women have historically had unequal access to bank accounts, investment money, and equal pay. But women and gender expansive folk deserve and need safe spaces to socialize and grow their communities. That’s where Queer Koalas come in - A 10,000 NFT art project to fund Los Angeles only full service lesbian bar & cafe.

Queer Koalas is a leading LGBTQIA+ organization creating social change through art and emerging technology.

Your contribution is vital to support the ongoing development of 10,000 meticulously crafted computer-generated animated Queer Koala characters with a focus on queer representation.

Your contributions will go towards supporting the NFT project for:

High-Quality animation production
Operational expenses
Marketing endeavors
Licensing prerequisites
Legal obligations
Queer Koalas aims to showcase the creative abilities of queer women in producing LGBTQIA+ content and pioneering Web3 NFT innovations. They plan to integrate their characters into various media platforms and develop, currently, the only full service lesbian bar and cafe in Los Angeles after selling out their NFT collection. The project also aims to provide career opportunities, educational grants, and a platform for LGBTQIA+ individuals in creative and technological fields.

Queer Koala's Road Map

Phase 1

Create and initiate the sale of the complete 10,000 NFT collection, aiming for a sell-out.

Phase 2

Utilize the generated profits to establish a lesbian bar & cafe within approximately 6 months.

Phase 3

Leverage Queer Koalas to diversify queer cartoon and film intellectual properties.

Contingency Plan

In case the collection does not sell out within a year, a public vote will determine the destination for the profits.

Thank you!

For further information, please visit www.QueerKoalas.com

Queer Koalas Creator Kelly Perez She/Her/Hers

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  • Anoniem
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