Alls were asking for this Christmas Is to be given chance to be home this Christmas .

The most heartbreaking family tragedy you will  time to read the exceptionally heartbreaking circumstances around our family and and why I’m desperately fundraising for this money , a lifeline to keeping our family home after losing our mum , dad and brother In just under nine monthes and why this fundraising means hope 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read our family’s story and we understand Christmas can be en expensive time , but thank you and this Christmas hold your loved ones and appreciate every moment you spend with them . 34865918_1543682554963141_r.jpeg

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The most heartbreaking family tragedy you will ever hear 
please take the time to read the exceptionally heartbreaking circumstances around our family and and why I’m desperately fundraising for this money , a lifeline to keeping our family home after losing our mum , dad and brother In just under nine monthes and why this fundraising means hope 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read our family’s story .

my name is stephen leech and I am 25 years of age, in my 25 years I have felt overwhelming happiness and the best upbringing and family any child could ask for , but I’ve also suffered more heartbreak and shed more tears than a man of my 25 years . I’ve lived a lifetime of happiness and sadness in my short years here on Earth . 

I am fundraising here today as my last resort because I have exhausted every other avenue I’ve ventured down . My mother always said if my family didint have bad luck we would have no luck at all , as our perfect little family of 6 has been hit by pesonal tragedy after personal tragedy and sadly that still hasn’t changed . Dealing with so much heartbreak and pain , and witnessing the fight my family have been through  , makes me continue to fight , because when hope is all you have left , you learn how to fight even more .

I was the baby of our perfect little family , followed by my sister , and my two older brothers wrapped in the love of our most devoted parents . 

Our perfect family was first turned upside down in 2008 when my sister was first diagnosed with anorexia nervosa , depression and anxiety and was hospitalised just weeks from death , a battle she is still sadly fighting to this day . 

Our family suffered more heartbreak in 2011 when our oldest brother aged 24 was admitted to hospital and we were given the devastating news he had non alcoholic liver steteohepatisis or liver cirrhosis . The outcome was bleak , the only cure was a full liver transplant . The most shocking news as he had had only drunk alcohol once in his lifetime . 

We couldint belive it then when in 2014 , our father was dignosed with metasized esophageal cancer and the outlook once again was not good . His diagnosis , the cancer was inoperable and treatment would not work . He fought for treatment , promising us he would not leave us without a father . 
But we were given the best news ever and our first bit of good luck we were told by the grace of god , the chemotherapy and radiotherapy had completely destroyed his cancer cells . 
The surgeon advised he then have a esophagectomy  to further reduce the chances of the cancer returning . 
He underwent the high risk , 10 hour operation but because of complications was hospitalised for a further 6 weeks . 

Returning home was a further struggle as his stomach had shrunk to a tenth of its size because of the esophagectomy and he was fed though a drip from home . 
He never complained and tried his best to get back to himself which was a uphill struggle everyday .

We tried to gain normality when once again we were hit with more bad news , our 27 year old brother suffering from a sore shoulder and arm went to the A&E and scans on his shoulder showed it was cancer . At first we were told , it was bone cancer until it was discovered shortly after a biopsy , in which his shoulder got fractured , that it was in fact was lung cancer which had mestasised and spread to his shoulder and arm . We couldint understand , he had not touched a cigarette in his whole life.

We were given more devastating news that his cancer was very rare and could not be cured , hopefully controlled . I will never be able to erase the image from my mind of my already frail father fighting to hold back the tears while cradling my mother when we were given the news .
Our  brother attended his first chemotherapy session in which we were told , it looked to be shrinking the tumour in his lung , only then to be later informed a further inspection of the scans showed a slight decrease in the lung but new cancer cells on the base of his spine . 
Radiotherapy had no impact on the tumours .

Even more devastating news followed when in September 2016 , with  our brother battling his own cancer battle , our father was given the worst news , even after having the operation  , his cancer had returned and this time it was terminal once again , and once again he was told it was inoperable , treatment would not work and he was now in too poor health to withstand the side effects of the treatment ,  Once again my father fought to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy , having hope and the fight of an army in his frail body .

My father didint tell anybody of his diagnosis , only my oldest brother as he did not want his cancer diagnosis to make my our other brother lose the fight and hope .
We continued to fight as a strong family unit with hope in our hearts  , when  in November 2016
our mother complaining of chest pains was rushed to hospital , at first the doctors thoughts , that  there was fluid on her lungs ,and  we travelled home , we were awoken early the next morning with the phonecall every family dreads , our mother had suffered a heart attack during the night and was in a induced coma that she would never wake up from . 
We were told to be at the hospital as fast as we could . We huddled around  my mother in the intensive care bed and held eachother , crying a river of tears , she never gained consciousness and sadly passed away that night , soaked in our tears . 

I looked around my mothers bedside at my family , and tried to be as strong as I possibly could , everyone around her bedside facing their own battle .
my sister weak and frail , my brother and father both battling terminal cancer and my oldest brother living with the impact of a deteriorating liver condition in which his only cure , a full liver transplant , which was not even a certain that he would be accepted on the organ donors list . 

The day after my mothers passing , we were given a lifeline when my brother received a phone call and were  told he had been accepted on a upcoming cancer trial called the matrix trial which was having success in lung cancer . After sessions of the debilitating treatment , we were told it sadly had no impact on his tumours and they were still growing . The specialist continued to find other treatments and took another biopsy of the cancer cells which were sent to America in hope for answers . The biopsy returned and were told his cancer was a very rare cancer and was shockingly genetic . 

While we waited with heavy hearts to hear if there was any more treatments that could help , our extremely ill father fought with every breathe in his body to be accepted for treatment , which he was accepted for and attended with my oldest brother , with the rest of the family having no knowledge

Our father recieved his first round of chemotherapy and was told he would not see Christmas . He did , although extemely Ill , We stayed strong and made the most out of our last Christmas together  , the first Christmas without our mother sitting around the Christmas tree . 

After Christmas our father received another session of chemotherapy , each session taking more and more of a toll on his extremely frail and weak body . He never wanted the family to see him weak as he had always been our pillar of strength and our superhero . He never wanted the doctors to see how weakened he was either as he was terrified they would withdraw treatment , shortly before his third session in February 2017 , he collapsed at home and was incoherent , unable to stand , he was rushed to hospital were he stayed positive and still optimistic  , he was told after his 10 day stay , he could soon return  home , unfortunately Before he made it home , we recieved that dreaded phone call once again , around 11oclock on the 7th of March , that he had undiagnosed pneumonia and after trying a course of treatment which was not successful , he was passing away .

I was in work when I was informed and my brothers and sister rushed to pick me up before rushing to my fathers beside were he  drifted away just after midnight on the 8th of March 2017 .

Me and my sister and brother only learning of his terminal diagnosis after his passing .
Once  again we travelled home , with heavy hearts , the four of us drowning eachother in rivers of tears . We all huddled and cried in to the night , the four of us sleeping on the living room , consoling eachother . 

After our fathers funeral , we were forced to stay strong and carry on for eachother and for the memory and the legacy of our most devoted and cherished parents . 

Two weeks after our fathers funeral , we got the call from the hospital  that our oldest brother 
Had an assessment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham to see if he was eligible  to be added to the organ donors list .
we were informed by the surgeon , his liver had deteriorated so greatly and there was a good chance he wouldint see the next year .
After rigorous testing , because our mother had suffered a heart attack becos of a birth defect , he would need a more in depth heart scans to prove he would not suffer a heart attack under the anesthetic as it was already  a high risk operation and would add a bigger percent to the already a 10 percent chance he would die on the operating table . 
Thankfully the heart scans came back , he did not share the same birth heart defect our mother had . 
He was added to the organ donors list and we cried tears of joy at the lifeline he was given but also tears of sadness our parent never lived to see , something they had prayed so much for .

 We waited for that phonecall to say there was a perfect organ match, but knew one of the possible
outcomes , that many reciepitients  on the list sadly pass away whilst waiting .
Our other brother growing weaker and wearier by the day , still awaiting news of any possible cancer treatments , he grew so weak , losing the use of his legs and was rushed to hospital were we were informed he could have blood clots and they were scared the clots could reach up to his heart . 
After spending three days on the ward , the doctors advised us there was nothing more they could do and he should be transferred to the woodlands hospice on the hospital grounds ,  the tumours  on his spine would make him forever paralysed from the waist down and his cancer had spread so greatly . 

He stayed in the hospice and spent his final days there . At first being told he would pass in the next couple of days , he fought on and we cherished every moment we spent together . In total he spent  28 Days in the hospice and beat the odds just like our father . We never left his bedside not even for one minute , myself and my oldest  brother and sister spending the nights sleeping on the floor and spending the days sitting beside him ,showering him with love and trying to take away his fears , showing him he was never alone , reminding him our mother and father are right beside him too . 

Days before his passing , whilst at his bedside , we were shocked to receive a phonecall from the organ donors at the Queen Elizabeth hospital , they had found a match for our oldest brother and he would need to travel to Birmingham in the next couple of hours as fast as he could , and he would go straight in to the operating theatre .

The four of us huddled together and were forced to make the heartbreaking decision of who would travel alongside one brother to Birmingham for the liver transplant and who would stay at our other brothers beside here in the hospice .

My oldest brother travelled to Birmingham for the biggest and most scary moment of his life alongside my sister and I stayed at my dying brothers bedside in the hospice , all of us hoping and praying , we would all be reunited around the bedside for our dying brothers final moments .

The operation was a success but our oldest brother would have to stay in Birmingham’s intensive care unit for 10 days to recover .
I made the heartbreaking phonecall to my sister that back in Liverpool our other brother was deteriorating and she would need to come home , which she did as fast as she could .

we stayed at his bedside For the next 7 days and were told our oldest brother could leave intensive care and return home to Liverpool  the next day , we were overjoyed , the four of us could be together once again , but that joy was taken away when early hours the next morning , me and my sister were awoken from the hospice floor to be told , our brother had just minutes before passed away .
we held his cold hand and cried into him , never wanting to let go .
It was our turn to make the dreaded phonecall to our brother back in Birmingham that our brother aged just 29 had just passed away . Wanting to say goodbye and  thanking him for being the best little brother for the last 29 years , he talked through the phone while we held the phone to our brothers cold ear and he said his last goodbyes . 

Thank you for taking the time out to read my family’s story . I have exhausted every other avenue and this really is our last hope .
I hope you can understand why our family home is so important to us and worth us fighting for .
your donations would help us secure a deposit for a mortgage , which would stop us being forced out by the current mortgage company who are currently taking us to court just before Christmas to take possession .
The mortgage was in our parents names and after the passing of our father , we informed the mortgage company of his passing , they already knew of our mothers passing , and they allowed us to continue making the mortgage payments for nearly a year until they decided they wanted the full mortgage amount or they would take possession of the property . Even through everything we had been through we made payments on time and never made excuses .
After finacially exhausting ourselves and taking out loans to pay for three funerals in under nine monthes  as there was no life insurance or benefits , we do not have the money we are fundraising for . 

we have never lived in another home and this home meant so much to my family , our home maybe alittle too small for the 6 of us but you would never know from the amount of love within these walls . The family home we grew up in , shed a lot of tears of sadness but a lot more tears of joy .

The home our father while in the final weeks of his life , promised he would finish building the pink shed in the back garden he had started when in good health for my sister . The shed he promised he would complete and he did complete  in his final weeks and that’s why it holds a special place in all of our hearts .

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