Please Help A Mother Get Justice for Her Son

My cousin, Tabatha Lewis, needs immediate financial help following the murder of her son, A.J. Stewart, on December 2, 2021, in Saint Paul, MN., at the hands of a white supremacist. Immediately after her son's tragic passing, her way of life was upended entirely, resulting in the loss of her job, being unable to afford to keep paying rent in Norcross, Georgia, as she was forced to relocate to Saint Paul, MN. Since December, Tabatha has been seeking to understand the whole story leading up to why her son's life was taken so brutally, while his murderer is currently out on bail, which was significantly reduced for reasons greatly unknown to us. Tabatha has pleaded to the public for any additional information surrounding this tragedy, is asking for support by raising awareness, and is actively working with local activists to pass a hate crime bill in Minnesota. 
Currently, the man responsible for taking A.J.'s life has an attorney fighting to have this case dismissed. They have been granted multiple continuances, further postponing the trial process. Tabatha's team is doing all they can, in light of this, by continuing to build public pressure to demand justice for A.J.
At this time, Tabatha now lives under the constant threat of eviction and is forced to work temporary janitorial and warehouse jobs to survive. Tabatha should not have to worry about the means of survival while she is fighting for justice for her beloved son.
The funds will allow for Tabatha to stabilize and support herself while she continues to fight. We greatly appreciate your love, support, and solidarity. Thank you. 


Tongo Eisen-Martin 
St. Paul, MN