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READ: This isn't the "official" landing page for Project Phoenix, but it is a good place to let the world know what we're trying to do here.

You can donate through here, but the funds aren't immediately accessible. If you want to donate in a way that is accessible immedately, you can do so via the Paypal donation page. The link is:

The DIRECT DONATE LINK - if you want to share it is:

What are we trying to do?
In as few words as possible - we've found a way to deliver digital and hard-copy educational materials to children in the form of a mobile school building.

Kids in Libya that can't get access to good learning materials will be able to now - because we're gonna drive them right to 'em!

We hope to start with one or two mobile schools that can spend a couple days at each school in a region. Right now these kids have NO access to educational materials. With the Phoenix Project, we'll be able to drive to a town for two days a week and let the students and teachers have access to a full curriculum for their classes. Then we'll drive to another village for two days. Each truck will run a geographic circuit in the beginning, while we get more mobile schools on the road.

Hopefully, within a year, we'll have enough of these mobile schools that we can start dropping them permanently in some locations; freeing the mobile operators up to visit more locations in an ever widening arc... until at last we can hopefully put a mobile or permanent educational facility in all the major locations necessary.

The project and all it's details are available on the blog at:

If you want to read the ENTIRE story of how we got to here, start with this post:The story of project phoenix

If you know of a company that wants to help with a donation, but that can't use Paypal or GoFundMe, please let me know. We'll get someone in touch with them to provide them with paperwork from the sister charity to allow them to make their donation tax deductible - while we wait on the paperwork to get our own organization registered.

Truly, all we need is 5,000 people out of this planet of over 6 billion, to give $100 each. That's all we need to successfully run with this project on a full-time basis. With that kind of investment, we could start production of mass-units within a matter of days!

Stay tuned on Facebook and YouTube for more info as we have developments!

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Wish List Items
I'd like to clarify a few of the items seen on the wish list below:

$1500 Filing Fees in the US - that's about the minimum cost it will take to get an attorney and accountant on board, and to pay the fees to the state, etc. The process in the US is a time consuming one. The process in the UK is just as long, but there are little to no associated costs to set it up due to the way the UK handles taxation.

$10,000 Trip to Dubai/Jordan - There are few international partners in Dubai that also have offices in the UK. We're hoping to utilize the UK offices if possible to avoid a trip there just to meet. There a LOT of resources in Jordan that can assist us with this project. Jordan is known to have great political and personal relations with the US as well as Libya. The availability of many of the raw materials and supplies we need (containers, generators, etc) in Jordan make it really attractive to us from a fabrication standpoint for a few reasons:

1) It's geographically close to Libya - so we can actually DRIVE the schools there from Jordan, rather than losing 30-45 days on a ship in transit across the seas. There's also less customs issues to deal with, which also delay the process in Libya right now.
2) Jordan is "safe" for us to operate in. Libya is still undergoing a lot of internal struggle, so being inside their borders is a mixed bag of blessings and logistical problems right now. Operating out of Jordan puts us "next door" so we can work and communicate safely.
3) Jordan is one of the Middle Eastern countries with a lot of attractive opportunities as far as skilled labor and cheaper materials. If we fabricate in the US, and ship to Jordan, many of the materials are already available there - which can DRASTICALLY bring the cost down on actually building the mobile schools.

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