No Fenton Compressor

Dear Town of Fenton Residents, and Surrounding Areas Community Supporters:

As you may already be aware, we have a very concerning situation taking place in the Town of Fenton NY. This is in regard to the NG Advantage “Virtual Pipeline” operation (potential for significant adverse impact on many surrounding communities, in addition to the Town of Fenton). The Town of Fenton Planning Board recently approved construction of the natural gas compressor site, on the West Service Road, TOF. They did so without the involvement of the residents.  

At completion, this industrial site would include 12 compressor stations, with the potential for over of 200 tractor/ trailers per day navigating our roads. These trailers would be filled at the NG site, with compressed natural gas-- capability for 200+ trailers per day, hauling trailers filled with primarily methane, traveling on the West Service Road to 12A, then accessing the adjacent interstates.

** This activity is planned to run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.**

The West Service Road and the 12A connection point are two of the main arteries utilized for transporting our children to and from school, as well as being the primary access roads for much of the resident’s activity that occurs daily. This is an already congested area that cannot accommodate this volume of industrial transport activity. There are numerous safety concerns, given the very close proximity to our schools, parks and residences.

Broome County provided a 31-page report to the TOF, as well as having additional communications with Fenton representatives, advising AGAINST this location for a compressor site due to adverse implications to the community, and concerns regarding infrastructure items.

There are coalition groups in our neighboring state of Pennsylvania, that are currently battling companies associated with natural gas compressor operations. Challenges that they are faced with include: air quality issues, noise pollution, health related concerns, and decreased property values… to name just a few.

We have a group very near to Fenton that is also contending with the negative consequences from a compressor station, this group is the Concerned Residents of Windsor (CROW -Windsor NY). Residents in close proximity to the Windsor site have documented very similar concerns, as those expressed by PA residents: air quality concerns, strong odors, noise levels, and health related concerns, and property value issues.  

Our objective is to prevent this site from being realized -- we do not want to be subjected to the adverse effects that commonly accompany this type of operation.  

How YOU Can Help:

We are asking community members and supporting friends and family to assist with the financial component of the community based lawsuit.

We have set up an account at M&T Bank, specifically designated for the attorney fees.

** Checks can be made out to “No Fenton Compressor”

**Online contributions can also be made here on our GoFundMe page. 

A very sincere thank you for your support, as we must band together to protect  our precious community, and ensure our quality of life is not compromised.
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