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New Greetings From Buffalo Mural

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My Name Is Theodore Winters, I Am A local Buffalo, New York  based artist known internationally for my 1950s pop art style paintings! I recently moved back to the Buffalo area, And I noticed how many amazing public murals are going up all over the city! I got inspired seeing The Greetings From Chicago mural while visiting Chicago and noticed we have one in Buffalo ! All though its a amazing work of art, I wanted to give our beautiful city something that really displays the spirit of our Buffalo Culture and City more! Buffalo is a amazing city, And I want to capture the spirit of Buffalo in a large public mural! I have permission from a building owner in the University Heights area that has a wall large enough for the project in a great location! My vision is to have a wall that people can take photos in front of, and look at and be proud of our city!  But being a full time artist, Its really hard to fund such large projects when there is no pay for them (I am doing it for the community , I am not looking to get paid). So ! I am reaching out to the community and city that I love! In hopes (Not to get paid ) But to  fund raise the required materials and project money ( paint, tools) so I can produce something amazing for The City Of Good Neighbors! Public art adds to the value of the city! And with all of the abandoned buildings and blight in Buffalo, Adding more murals and artwork really help set a new positive attitude and can really help change the feel of our city! 

I need your help! By donating any amount you choose, You can help bring this project into fruition ! I am also seeking material donations as well in lieu of Cash Donations. The Cash Donations Go Towards The Paint To Do The Actual Artwork, But there is alot of prep work that needs to be done before the mural can be installed!  I Am Seeking Oil Based Primers, Blue Latex Paint , Gallons Of Anti Graffiti Brick Sealer, A Paint Sprayer To Borrow For A Day, Scaffolds And Rollers. 

To See More Of My Artwork, Feel Free To Follow Me On Instagram ! @theodorewinters 

For any questions, Feel free to email me! [E-Mail ausgeblendet] 


Theodore Winters
Buffalo, NY

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