Lets Make Some Damn Masks and PPE

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MISSION:  To do whatever is in our power to provide hospital staff and first responders with the Personal Protective Equipment they so desperately need and are begging for.   Just in my local community there are standing orders for over 2000 face shields per week.  

BENEFICIARIES: Funds will go toward purchasing additional 3D printers and raw materials so that PPE created can be DONATED to those who desperately need it.  

DONATIONS:  Every $1500 will enable me to create about 100-150 masks per week.  For the first 5 $1500 thresholds, $1200 will go towards purchasing the 3D printer and necessary supplies.  After the first $7500 all donations will go toward purchasing additional materials to create masks.  A 3D printed mask can be created for about $1.50 in materials and time per unit will shrink with purchased printers.  

HOW:  3D Printing technology allows small businesses and citizen philanthropists to manufacture items at a small scale and has been traditionally used for prototyping, small business or by DIY'ers for fun.  My goal is to harness this amazing technology to produce in a semi-mass scale, the equipment that our hero's are asking for, need and deserve.  I am currently producing as many as I can with a older model 3D printer and max out at about 8/day without sacrificing quality.  

WHY:  Why take on this task when soon US facilities will be cranking out these necessary products and getting them to the staff that need it?  Because we can... Because we should... Because hospitals have been burning thru budgets designed for PPE at an unprecedented rate purching equipment that was once $0.80 per unit at current rates in excess of $5-10 per unit.  Even in NYC the city just issued a open purchase order for face masks at $6 per unit!!!  WTF!!!  This is not a revenue generating endeavor and these donations are designed to increase throughput and maintain a net zero operation model.  

PROCESS:  As you can see from the picture, the face shield is comprised of 3 main components.  These designs and specs were adapted from open source files from other health organizations around the globe who have already adopted these designs and mobilized their maker communities.  The shield is a .03" PETG which is the same material used in commercial shield on the market that are precision laser cut by another local maker, Humancrafted.  The holder is what is being 3D printed from the same PETG filament is designed to have the disposable face shield easily attached and removed without tools.  The headband (not pictured due to delay in shipping) is standard elastic band.  

AFTERMATH:  I don't know how long that this effort will need to continue but I will continue to make shields and other PPE as long as they are needed.  Once the need for these 3D printers are exhausted, I will donate these 3D printers to schools in the community that can put them to good use!  


My name is Jay and I own a woodworking and custom furniture business in Waunakee, WI.  Recently I have had numerous friends in the healthcare profession reach out to me asking me if I had any masks they would be able to buy!  It was devastating to know that they were going into work not knowing if there would be enough masks for them to feel safe...  What could I do to help?  I WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN!  I currently am working with numerous organizations to include Inventables (a CNC company who is looking to provide a solution to cutting molds for silicone N95 face masks), with the UW and their Prototyping department, Partita (A local 3D printing business that mobilized this effort to create face masks).  

I am doing this because I want to help... and I know and I believe that many of you do as well but just don't know how...  I am not sure if this is the best and most efficient way to help but I do know this... those that I have made some PPE for... are supremely grateful.  I know that times are tough for everybody and that we are holding our purse strings tightly but whatever you can do to help will be appreciated.  

These are unprecedented times we live in right now with COVID-19 and it is having a very real effect on all of our ways of life.  Throughout this disaster, there has been a common theme of heroism and the best of what humanity has to offer and it has been the courage, dedication selflessness and tenacity of the hospital and nursing staff, first responders and all other emergency personnel.   This GoFundMe campaign is apolitical and not designed to assign blame but the very real fact of the matter is that these hero's that are out there on the front lines are doing so without adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  

OTHER WAYS TO HELP:  There are no shortage of other ways to help and thru this campaign I am sure that I will need some additional resources...  

CAD designer/3D print designer

Someone proficient with CNC coding for 3D carves

Someone who works in a non-healthcare related business with an autoclave that can help sterilize masks.
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Jay Kang 
Waunakee, WI