Luna's Car Fund

In mid June, our car got impounded. It was taken because it was parked on the side of the street without current registration. Our car, however, is registered non-operable and isn't working. I am not sure what is wrong with it...or what needs to be fixed.

Impound has had our car since June 15, each day there, we are charged $40. To get our car out of impound, we have to pay all the current registration fees ($975), plus $50 police service fee, plus $500 or more for the impound. We are looking at close to $2000 to get our car back. It seems impossible... 1. the fee keeps going up  2. we can't save that much money so quickly  3. the car doesn't work, so if we get it... we're getting back a car that doesn't work and will cost to fix.

All that said... the other option with our car is to surrender it to the impound. This will cost us the reigstration fees ($975), and about half of the impound costs... and be left with no car.

So... it's such a mess. I didn't want to ask you all for help because it seemed to be such a loss for us.
However, we still need a car... something to run us from a to b, especially Luna. Juan and I were ok with bussing it and taking Metro, but it's summer and I don't want to put Luna through the heat like that... it's stressful and I don't want to risk her health. Where we live, it gets to be over 100 degrees in summer.

So we are asking our family, friends, community, to help us by pitching in for a car for Luna.  This will allow her to safely get to her doctor appointments, checkups, food runs, and just be a happier traveler. 

We are setting our goal to $3500 to see how close we can come to getting a good used car from a private owner. Ideally, we'd really like to get a Scion XB. They look roomy and Juan and I like them...

A hybrid anything would be really great, but they are more expensive.  Essentially, we just need to get into some wheels as soon as we can. We have an amazing friend that's been letting us borrow her car, but we will need to return it by the end of we gotta hustle on the car fund. We have about $300 so far... can you help us?

As a thank you for your donation, we want to send you a Luna picture with a poem by Juan and I. 
Peace and love to you all... thank you for reading this and thank you for sharing this with your amigos and family.

  • Jayson Pida 
    • $200 (Offline)
    • 56 mos
  • Edward Lee Goldstein 
    • $100 (Offline)
    • 56 mos
  • Lisa Segal 
    • $75 (Offline)
    • 57 mos
  • Michael Flores 
    • $100 
    • 57 mos
  • Saturday Afternoon Poets 
    • $110 
    • 57 mos
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