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Are you ready to shift into the best version of yourself?
Is waiting on your true self not a luxury anymore? 
It's easier than you think. 

We are building a support system user-centered platform for startup founders and CEOs find emotional balance. Through our US representative Emily Cunningham and in coordination with the Stanford University LEAD community, our vision is to help you find emotional calmness.  

The Problem
According to World Health Organization, two of the most common mental health conditions, depression and anxiety, cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year. Approximately one in five people in post-conflict settings have a mental health condition.  
One of my passion is seeing people win-win the mental health 'war' in the mind.

Because it feels so rewarding to heal a 'bipolar' experience.  Honor to share that I feel consistent calm, stable, and peaceful and I'd like you to experience it too. It feels very satisfying.

The Solution
Learn how to master emotions both at work and home efficiently for happiness.  
We envision using work as a place to evolve as a force of good, a place to evolve—a place where we can become better humans.  
We are building a digital media university (education) so you have access to tools on how to master conscious communication skills, and emotional intelligence, and uncover who you truly are.  Learn how to be kind to your colleagues.  We are researching Reishi (edible) products for an E-commerce platform so you can decrease feeling depressed and enhance your feeling balanced.  

Our 2nd project is building an executive roundtable summit and spiritual retreats for senior executives to learn how to take better care of the employees' well-being based on ESG concepts.   So you can increase productivity, save resources, and create a quality company.  We create digital content to drive a social movement that advocates for an ideal world that is based on love, peace, and harmony.  Bridging science and spirituality in one platform.  We build a luxury spiritual business retreat in Bali in 2023.  So the senior executives feel nurtured, gains insights on how to lead best for their employees.  We plan to invite top industry experts in depth psychology, spirituality, and organizational leadership. 

Our Project Is
Sponsored by the Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD LISA startup Innovators and Startup founders incubator until May 2021.   We help corporate workers worldwide reduce stress by providing strategies on how to take care of the soul, body, and mind health through a conscious media impact-driven company in conjunction with top global institutions.   

Story 3 minutes World Vision 2022 

We are fundraising $550,000 USD to scale a positive media digital educational platform and Reishi product research focused on emotional intelligence worldwide in 2022+.  
We invest in building a people-centered technology platform for the story media, Reishi distribution import and export platform, and senior executive roundtable summits and 10 day Bali retreats in 2023. 

Your contribution can empower the world specifically in the corporate world. 
Become a part of our holistic community shifting the way we live life worldwide based on love, peace, harmony.   
Help shift the mindset of people from fear to LOVE.    

Core Values
> Soft skills
> Balance soul + mind + body
> Psychologically safe workplace + home
> Emotional intelligence + inclusivity at the workplace 
> Embrace vulnerability as strength of human character 

Unique Points
> World-class digital platform 
> Contents about how to live a simple life practical and psychological 
> Contents from the benevolent Ph.D. scholars
> Holistic community ecosystem 

Could you donate amounts between $1-50,000 today!?

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  Come and share the journey with us. 
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Podcast Movement MAKE MENTAL HEALTH A NORM with 52 International Speakers 
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About Kate 

CEO Storyteller, healer, and humanitarian. With 15 years of teaching experience including educating STEM college graduates sponsored by the South Korean government and two world-class business schools training, I'm here to support you find inner peace quickly. 1 Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD 2 Soundstrue New York University IMBA 

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Kate Lee is a keynote speaker at Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Me2We Event 2021
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Kate Lee 이

Stanford Colleague's Testimonial about Kate, CEO 
'Kate's positive energy and drive to make connections, learn and transform the world were instrumental to get Match4Action off the ground.  She has a deep passion to drive positive change which is refreshing and has the ability to make a real impact very quickly.'
- Saskia Verraes, Leading Change for Good, Impact Facilitator at The Mind Lab

'There is always a halo of light around Kate. Her careful way of inserting new ideas makes things smarter for others to understand. There is clarity about her insights, that brings thoughts into practice, yet allows one to decide how to proceed for the best. It is a blessing to have her on this planet.'
- Massimo Mercuri, Co-Founder at AlterContacts (UN SDG)  Think Tank

'I got to know Kate when we were fellow students at the Stanford LEAD Management Executive Certificate Program. During this time, Kate, I, and a few others got together to figure out if we, as a group, could contribute something to make the world a better place. This was in response to a question by Saskia, another fellow LEAD alumnus. As a group, we brainstormed, met up, discussed multiple options and models, and came up with the idea for Match4Action, a website that matches up donors with the relevant communities. During this effort, I got to know Kate really well. She was a good source of ideas, always engaged in discussions, and had the ability to connect with multiple people to both get information as well as to explore ideas. I appreciated her innovative thinking as well as her ability to keep pushing towards our goal. I moved on from this project but I still keep in touch. I am sure that with her ability and her determination, Kate will make her mark as a humanitarian.' 
 - Ravi Rajagopalan, Sr. Director, Customer Applications Technology at Applied Materials

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