Let's Buy Jeff Lindner a Vacation

UPDATE: Monday, September 4, 2017

As previously mentioned, Jeff has decided to give away all of the money raised here to flood victims (please see press release below)

Please continue sharing and donating, as he decided to let this campaign fun for a few more days this week.

Don't get too down, Jeff assured me he will be able to take a nice, long vacation on his own accord


Throughout the unpredictable battering by Harvey the last five days, Harris County Flood Control District Meteorologist Jeff Lindner has proved an invaluable resource. He has provided us with a calm, analytical, and composed presence during an incredibly fluid and complicated situation: never once looking uncertain or overwhelmed while discussing planned releases and changing water levels. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people were able to make smarter, more informed decisions about them and their families safety because of Jeff and his determinations.

His press conferences have been an invaluable, reassuring resource in what has literally been a natural disaster. Additionally, and I'm sure beyond the scope of his responsibilities, he has been constantly answering questions from worried citizens on Twitter. https://twitter.com/JeffLindner1

He just looks like he knows his stuff; and gives off a frankly fantastic vibe. He had an answer ready for every question, every followup, and never once dodged a difficult question nor was he afraid to honestly inform the public of imminent trouble .

He looks like he's hardly slept, or eaten in the last week. I think Jeff is gonna need a break.

I do not know Jeff, but he seems like a swell fellow. I figure the least we can do is show our thanks and gratitude by getting Jeff a vacation once this is all over (after hurricane season of course.)

If this goal is met I will reach out to Jeff and make sure he gets every dollar and chooses wherever he wants to go. If this initial amount is raised I will happily increase the amount. If Jeff wants to go on a European river cruise, we are going to make sure Jeff goes on a European river cruise. However if a flood event occurs I am confident he will Skype in.

Let's get Jeff a vacation. He deserves it.

6:30pm UPDATE

I just got off the phone with Jeff who was blown away by all your donations and support. Quite possibly the only time this week he was at a loss for words.

Now we have good news and bad news.

First the bad news: due to his status as a government employee, Jeff is not allowed to accept gifts over $100 (though hey Harris County: technically these are hundreds of donations under $100 - maybe let him keep all of those?). Seems fair to me. Anyway, get back to me.

Now the good news: Jeff, being the selfless public servant he has proven himself to be this week, wants to turn this into a charitable campaign to help flood victims.

I hereby designate this the Jeff Fund

We will let this campaign run through the next week, after which, upon his instruction, I will transfer the entire amount to Jeff to disperse to charities, shelters and flood victims as he sees fit.

He is still rather busy at the moment, but I imagine he will confirm this on social media sometime soon.

Anyways, he was absolutely flabbergasted by the response, so please continue to pass this around to your friends this weekend so the first ever Jeff Fund can reach ridiculous heights.

I should also note that we are currently only $14,990,625 behind JJ Watt.

Jeff Lindner is coming for you JJ
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