Lambdyn needs your help

This past Sunday, February 18th, our scheduled exchange was to take place in Marble Falls and Lambdyn’s mother was a no show.  Due to her high-conflict personality, the judge ordered communication was to only occur regarding exchanges and his welfare. I emailed, text and called with no response and I still don’t have a response.  I had the Marble Falls PD call as well and they had no success.  After following rules and getting an incident number, we drove down to Kerrville as we feared for Lambdyn’s safety and welfare (3 hr drive).

...................AS OF NOW....................
-We have no update on his welfare.
-There is an active protective order in place.
-CPS fails to act on our behalf stating they can’t prove he is in any harm at the moment with her.
-Investigators and police department are no longer communicating with us.

Lambdyn has been the recipient of systematic and ongoing child abuse and neglect by his mother since his birth.  Based on these patterns of abuse/neglect, we were able to secure the protective order.  Below are just a few examples that prompted the judge to issue the Protective Order.

·        He wasn't receiving proper food or nourishment from his mother.

·        Developmental delays that were not properly diagnosed.  This has led to Lambdyn receiving Speech and Occupational therapy 4x a week.   

·        In December 2016, we took Lambdyn to the doctor for a rash and bites that were all over his body.  We were informed  that they were bed bug bites and eczema (see images).

·        Vaccinations had not been administered since he was 18mths old as of last Summer (he's almost 4 1/2).

·        She left Lambdyn home alone when he was 2 and she was at a bar.  CPS found this to be true but criminal charges were never pressed.  She was also charged with this same thing in 2011 against her other 2 children.

·        Unable to provide the basics such as proper clothes or shoes that fit Lambdyn.

·        The last incident was when we had to take him in for emergency nasal surgery. We picked him up for our exchange in April of 2016 and he had a foul odor emitting from his nose. The doctor stated there was a foreign object in his nose and after spending an enormous amount of time pulling out the fibrous material from his nose, she stated she did all she could and sent us an ENT for further removal. She also stated it was extremely urgent to have this removed as his tissue is starting to grow around this object because it had been in there so long.

While in Kerrville, we were reassured by the Kerrville Police Department that they would be issuing two felony warrants for her arrest since this was her second time violating the active Protective Order. We went to her home with three police officers but no one would answer the door. The police department called her, left messages and even emailed her for her whereabouts, but no response to date. She is flat out hiding from the police department and her boyfriend and lawyer know where she is but refuse to cooperate.  We also notified CPS that this woman is refusing to hand over the child and she is in hiding.  They asked us to provide proof that he is in danger being in her care.  We have a protective order, signed by a judge, that states she is only allowed to see him for 9 days a month due to her neglect.  I don’t know about you but that’s pretty clear to us that she is harmful.  I know that everyone is asking why she was even allowed to see her child with a protective order but a judge felt it wasn’t good that the child hadn’t seen his mom in 7 mths (even though she never once tried to see her child).

We have spent over $25,000 to date for the protection of my son and the legal/government systems in place still refuse to protect him. We still owe our attorney $6,600. Due to the past due balance, our lawyer has filed to withdraw from our case even though we've been making payments every month towards this balance.  It looks like money talks and children aren’t as important anymore.  To add to this crazy story, I lost my job two weeks ago.  I am asking for your kind-hearted assistance. We have turned to the government systems in place and our legal counsel, just to be turned away. We’ve exhausted all means for financial assistance and humbly ask you to assist in this financial goal so we can go and rescue Lambdyn, he needs your help.  We will use this money to hire a new attorney who WILL fight to bring Lambdyn back in to his home, to his own room filled with toys and love. 

Prayers are welcomed and please share!
Thank you,
Michael & Jennifer Rodriguez

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