Let's Light Up Ladner Village

Let's Light Up Ladner Village!
The Ladner Business Assoocation (LBA) with support from the City of Delta has launched a three-year campaign to light up Ladner Village throughout the winter in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The campaign will result in the trees on 48th Avenue, Delta Street and Haviland Street being adorned with clear LED lights for the winter season from November until March.  

To make this dream become a reality, our goal is to raise $30,000 over three years.

In 2016 & 2017, thanks to numerous local residents and businesses, we raise more than $21,000. That enables us to purchase hundreds of strings of good quality LED lights and pay for the labour to install, maintain and remove them at the end of the season. (Removal every spring maximizes the lights' life expectancy and allow the trees to grow unhindered.) Ladner Village was lit every evening from November to March from dusk to 11pm.

In 2018, we need to raise $9,500 to cover the cost of this year's maintenance, installation and removal. Will you help us Light Up Ladner Village?

Every donation of $25, $50 and $100 gets us closer to lighting up Ladner Village for another season. If you give $1,000 or mover during the three-year campaign (this is Year 3), you will receive a sign of recognition that will be displayed near one of the village trees. We appreciate every dollar you invest in this community campaign.

Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far. A special thank you to the following businesses who have donated $1000.
* Beth Stuart & Associates, CPA  - $1100
* Century Group - $2000
* Delta Optimist - $1000
* Ladner Village Market - $8000
* South Coast Casuals - $1000
* Vinca's Kitchen - $1000

Ways to Donate:
1) An online donation on this page through the Go Fund Me campaign. The money collected goes directly to the Ladner Business Association and there are no deadline or limits. Go Fund Me does deduct 8% from each donation as a transaction fee.
2) In person at the donation jars found in local businesses, coffee shops and services throughout the Village.
3) By dropping off a cheque made payable to the Ladner Business Association at South Coast Casuals (5028 48 Avenue, Ladner Village).
4) By mailing a cheque to
Ladner Business Association
PO Box 15 Stn Main
Delta BC V4K 3N5

Light Up Ladner Village FAQ

Is there a breakdown of how the raised funds will be allocated?
Through research, the Ladner Business Association has determined we will need approximately 500 strings of lights to illuminate Ladner Village. Each string will cost $50.00 before taxes. This cost includes  the purchase of the strings, the annual labour cost for installation and takedown, the equipment rentals for installation takedown, yearly testing, storage and maintenance and a contingency for potential vandalism and wear & tear. Additionally we have planned budget for signage and contingency.

How can I get more information about the Light Up Ladner
The Ladner Business Association would be happy to hear from you and tell you more about the campaign.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?
The Ladner Business Association is unable to issue receipts for tax purposes as the organization is not a registered charity.

How does GoFundMe work?

GoFundMe makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for our project. The money we collect goes directly to us. There are no deadlines or limits - each donation received is ours to keep.  Our campaign will remain live until we choose to stop donations or remove the campaign altogether.

Is it safe to donate online?
GoFundMe campaign features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are our donors' online payments safe, money is stored securely until we're ready to use it.

Does it cost anything to donate online?
GoFundMe will deduct a 5% fee from each donation that is made and a processing fee of about 3% will also be deducted from each donation.

Do the donors get charged the fees?
No, never. Donors are charged only the amount they choose to donate.

Photo Credit: Delta Optimist 2017
  • Community Donation Jars 
    • $310 (Offline)
    • 41 mos
  • Taverna Gorgona 
    • $250 (Offline)
    • 41 mos
  • Matthew Witt 
    • $250 
    • 41 mos
  • A + D Guichon 
    • $200 
    • 41 mos
  • Hawaiian Beach Tanning Salon 
    • $300 (Offline)
    • 41 mos
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