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Ukraine is facing an unprecedented attack. The Kyiv Independent continues to work, bringing the world trusted, important information about the facts on the ground.

We need your support in this difficult and unpredictable task. From cyberattacks, bombings, ground invasions - it is hard to predict what the days ahead will bring and what we will need to respond.

All this is a huge trial for a media launched just 3 months ago. But together we can overcome.

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Thank you for your tremendous support. Amid this horrific reality it has kept us going.
We need to do more than just resist. Ukraine is fighting a battle for the world. It deserves to have its story told - the challenges and victories, the villains and heroes. We want to tell that story. 

More information on plans forthcoming. Please additional background information on the Kyiv Independent below.


You helped us launch the Kyiv Independent!
For many years, the English-speaking world relied on the Kyiv Post for trustworthy news from Ukraine.
But on November 8, the Kyiv Post owner shut down the distinguished 26-year-old newspaper and fired its entire team. The staff considers it retaliation for defending editorial independence.
This was the end of the independent Kyiv Post as we know it — but it doesn’t have to be the end of high-quality local reporting from Ukraine. 
The team launched a new media outlet, the Kyiv Independent.
It is crucial to bring credible news from Ukraine to the world. Especially when Russian forces are working hard to distort the perception of Ukraine abroad.
We are asking you to stand up to it together with us. This campaign is run by Jakub Parusinski, the chief financial officer of the Kyiv Independent, who is based in London.
We are not backed by a rich owner or an oligarch. We will rely first and foremost on fundraising from our readers and donors, and later on commercial activities.
If you feel like pledging a monthly donation, you are welcome to become our patron on Patreon. Patrons contribute anywhere from $5 a month and enjoy benefits. Over 5500 people have become our patrons already.
Join us on this adventure. Support independent journalism in Ukraine!
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Organizer and beneficiary

Jakub Parusinski 
London, UK
Kyiv Independent