Let's pay back Krumpes Do-nuts

Krumpe's Do-nuts has been a staple business of Hagerstown since 1934.  On October 13th two armed men robbed Krumpe's Shop on Donut Alley  stealing an undisclosed amount of cash.  Story shown here.

As citizens of Hagerstown we want to re-pay Krumpe's and prove that the actions of a few aren't representive of Hagerstown. That we support small business and appreciate everything Krumpe's does for our town such as the 5k Run and Donut Drop.

We would like to re-imburse the money lost with this Go Fund Me. They may eventually get insurance re-imbursement but that will not cover the loss of business that night.  We want them to continue to be an integral part of our community and show them we care!

If you don't wish to make a cash donation please share our campaign or go buy some Krumpe's Donuts!

This campaign is set up so only Krumpe's can withdraw the funds.

Organisator en begunstigde

Heather Holman
Hagerstown, MD
Max Krumpe

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