Keep Melbourne Warm

An amazing initiative by JASONGRECH

There are currently 105,237 people in Australia who are homeless.

Of that - this is how old they are:

Under 12 17% (17,845)
12-18 10% (10,913)
19-24 15% (15,325)
25-34 18% (19,312)
35-44 14% (14,484)
45-54 12% (12,507)
55-64 8% (8,649)
65-74 4% (4,174)
75 and over 2% (2,028)

That's 30,000 children alone across Australia who are freezing on our streets each winter!!

The rate of homelessness (which takes into account population density) is 49 out of every 10,000 people (0.5% of the population); as documented by homelessness australia.

In Victoria alone there are currently nearly 23,000 homeless.

Of which over 50% are suffering mental health issues. This is due in part to facing multiple challenges in accessing housing, including economic disadvantage, uncoordinated service systems; poor support networks and social isolation

We are so fortunate to live in this incredible country and come back to our amazingly warm houses where we turn on our heaters; and throw on our warm socks that we just bought; throw on a comfortable tracksuit to snuggle up on the couch in under a super soft throw or electric blanket whilst we sit sipping our hot chocolate/ wines / coffees / tea and flick through our first world problems of Foxtel and Netflix.

The idea of even waking up in the morning makes us shudder because Melbourne's temperatures are dropping to below zero.

We will see posts all over social media as people print screen temperatures of under 0 and curse melbourne for the weather whilst they snuggle under their doona

Whilst we are doing that someone is curled up on a street corner and has been there for 12 hours / 3 weeks / 2 months / 5 years ...... shivering and freezing.

With barely enough of a cardboard box to cover them and a blanket that has more holes than the 3 year old wet socks they are wearing .... and they are just praying they will be able to last one more night.

We walk past them everyday as if they are some inconvenience in our way of getting to our next appointment or home. . . Whilst we mutter under our own breath in our almost snow jackets and gloves how cold we are

We live in a time where compassion has never been more important.

It is easy for your world to spiral out of control. For you to lose a parent or even a child; or for your marriage to fall apart; or to be made redundant and to slowly lose control of your world that all of a sudden your world collapses from under you and you have no where left to turn but the streets.

Or for victims of domestic violence to choose sleeping on the streets with their children because freezing in below zero temperatures is better than facing what was at home

Imagine that instead of being in your warm house you were in barely a tshirt that covered your arms and I told you to spend the night out on the streets lying on freezing concrete with no socks just for 12 hours.

You'd be crying

Shattered from the unbearable pain of having to go through the night in such awful conditions

Now imagine you had to take your children with you ... whether they were a toddler or a teenager .... and all you could do was hug them to try and keep them warm

We can Keep Melbourne Warm.

We do not have to turn a blind eye and care more about what the next upcoming show is on Netflix and Stan than someone freezing on our streets

This is our home!!

No one deserves to have to go through that kind of torture each day and night Imagine when it's raining and the winds and how devastatingly difficult and painful it would be to go through that!

It just doesn't need to be that way.

Jason Grech has created an amazing initiative!! #keepmelbournewarm

We are looking for NEW items of the following items:

Sanitary products
Toothpaste and brushes
Packaged ready to eat products like biscuits and crackers and cheese
Bottled water

That can be purchased by you and dropped off to

29-31 Little Leveson Street
North Melbourne

Or financial donations so that we may bulk purchase these products to make up packs to give to them!

Please note: 100% of your donations will solely be used for the purchase of products to aid the Keep Melbourne Warm project

We will post regular updates to keep you informed of everything we are doing each step of the way.

And if you truly are in a position where you simply cannot afford to do either; than we ask you to not ignore this post and to share with your network.

Because even one share could keep someone warm!

The top 3 reasons for homelessness

26% are homeless from domestic and family violence
16% are homeless from financial difficulties
13% are homeless from housing crisis

So when you get into your warm heated bed and curl up after giving your kids / pet / parents / friends / partner a kiss goodnight ... and slowly drift to sleep in your cozy pajamas and fluffy pillow with your heavy doona to keep you warm ... ask yourself how many people could you have saved with just $10!

Do Something!!!

Keep Melbourne Warm

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