Justice for Regan



The online premiere of There Was a Killing,
by Earthlings director Shaun Monson, comes Saturday November 7th. Shaun reached out to our family and took great care in respecting the wishes of my father and I, as well as Regan's memory. It is our hope that this documentary can bring awareness and attention to the tragedy that took Regan's life while opening the door to the argument that criminal charges should have been laid.

I understand that some have reservations about There was a Killing displaying the damage wrought to Regan's body by the truck that killed her.

Allowing the footage to be used was a difficult choice that was made after considerable discussion with my father, which took place in the months following this tragedy. We were made aware of this footage right away, and it has been kept private up until this point at our request.

In the time since Regan's death, there have been many questions as to what happened, which we have been unable to answer due to conflicting statements made by the parties responsible for the investigation. Ultimately, we feel that the documentary and the clear demonstration of the state and position of her body answer many of those questions.

While we have many reservations about sharing this footage, I feel my father understands what Regan's choice would be, and that is ultimately where we settled. Regan would want the public to see the abuse bore unto her just as she felt it was necessary to display and witness the abuses we bore unto our fellow earthlings.


Joshua Powell


After Regan’s death, we were encouraged to start a Go Fund Me fundraiser in her name in order to help our family in the aftermath of this horrible and tragic event. It was, and still is, hard to imagine money can have any lasting effect in absolving our grief, and so at first I began with a modest goal aimed at covering any immediate costs associated with Regan’s death.

Since starting this page, we have had some time to grieve and consider what we might do in Regan’s memory. Given the immediate support we received, and after careful consideration, I have increased our target with the following needs and goals in mind;

Mental health care for the Russell and Powell families
Financial assistance for Mark Powell
Starting a fund, group, or charity in Regan’s name aimed at enabling activists

I hope that if we are able to reach this new goal, our family’s immediate needs may be addressed and we can lay the foundation of something in Regan’s name that will carry on her legacy of activism, compassion, and enlightenment of her fellow earthlings.

Please feel free to reach out for comment or with any questions.


Joshua Powell

[email redacted]


Losing Regan has been a terrible experience, and the lax charge in response to her death has only made that pain deeper. Grief is now compounded by anger, frustration, and confusion. We will be taking the time we need to reflect on this information. Our family is committed to revealing the truth in Regan's death, and will be pursuing all avenues before us that work to that end.

-Joshua Powell

First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone the world over for their outpour of support for Regan and her family. It is truly beautiful to see compassionate people across the globe reach out, stand vigil, and ultimately join us in carrying Regan’s torch. 

What must be said is that Regan’s death was senseless, in that it was entirely preventable. For years activists have been attempting to engage these plants, and the ag industry’s complete and utter lack of compassion over the years has led to various incidents, some of which can be viewed freely online. While she championed many causes, Regan’s last moments were spent standing for what she most deeply believed in, alongside beloved friends supporting animal rights.

Those aware of this struggle for the better treatment of animals will immediately think of Bill 156. If you are unaware, Bill 156 passed in Ontario days before Regan’s death; of this, NDP MPP John Vanthof said:

“People are going to get hurt because of this. They [the ag industry] read a lot more into this than a simple deterrent, and that is a problem... when someone’s badly hurt or killed, it’s going to be an issue here [Queen’s Park] again, and it’s going to be a much bigger issue for that family.”

What Mr. Vanthof was trying to say was that legislation structured in this way, to suppress the speech of whistleblowers and make common acts of protest a crime, will not stop the activists and only embolden those who disagree with them. The struggle in a case like this is determining whether an accident or act of malice occurred, and if the latter did, can we actually seek justice? We are facing that struggle as a family right now, and we are grateful that the entire animal rights community joins us in the struggle to carry on Regan’s legacy. Rest assured we will not rest until justice is served.

In pursuing justice, we have this to say; it does not end with a senseless death or a major meat distributor. This is not just a fight for vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights activists. This is a fight for the sanctity of our rights as free citizens to demonstrate for what we believe in. We seek to repeal Bill 156 in its entirety, and let it be known we believe Regan’s blood is on the hands of those that supported this vile legislation.

All funds raised are to carry on Regan's legacy.

For media inquiries please contact Gary Smith, [email redacted], [phone redacted]



Joshua Powell
Hamilton, ON

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