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Jon's campaign for WELBODI PARTNERSHIP

I was going to be running the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2020 and raising money in aid of the WELBODI PARTNERSHIP.  However due to the cancellation of this years event I am going to defer my entry until Sunday 25th April 2021.  The cause remains the same but I've reduce my target time to sub 3hrs in hope to inspire more people to sponsor me in return for working (& suffering) more myself.

I only started running 'properly' in November 2018 and joined the club where my wife was already a member, now I'm hooked!

It's a very different challenge to being a competitive fencer. Carrying around my 84kg is hard work and my main 'go-to excuse' when my wife beats me in a race.

I promise not to 'dial-this-one-in' and plan to complete the Marathon in sub 3hrs so you can rest safe in the knowledge that I will suffer lots during the 750 planned training miles and then the 26.2mile race.


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