I Care Power Period እኔም ያገባኛል!!

I Care እኔም ያገባኛል

ብርቄ/ Birqe Period kit costs $6.54~350 ETB

Birqe contains 

1. 4 reusable pads with extra bag 

2. Antibacterial Liquid/ bar soap 

3. Underwear’s     

4. Towel (small) 

5. Whistleblower (for safety purposes) 

The bucket itself helps them to wash and store the reusable pads and underwear. 

Birqe has Special and Premium Dignity kits for 

  1. fistula and cancer patients 

  2. Internationally dispatched woman 

  3. Victims 

If you need the Special or Premium Dignity kits please feel free to contact us. 


iCARE and Jegnit are two MOVEMENTS (campaigns). 

Both movements worked hard in Ethiopia for the past  2/3 years on solving period poverty. Yet not registered as an NGO (we will notify you after we finish the NGO)

In Ethiopian culture the need for young girls is the last thing considered in a typical family. With inflation and factors that the pandemic brought, we can understand and empathize with families not being able to afford feminine hygiene products for their daughters this coming school year. We want to make sure girls can keep going to school now more than ever EVEN during their periods.


 According to a research conducted by Population Service International (PSI) in 2019 ‘Girls miss upto 100 days of school a year due to lack of menstruation hygiene’s management facilities or lack of feminine hygiene products in school or in the community” Which the ripple effect of this makes them repeat grades and that leads to not wanting to be around their young class mates, so would rather be married off (early marriage) and/or migrate to an urban city or better yet to the Middle East to work as a domestic help. With the Birqe Kit we have created, we believe it will support a girl manage her cycle properly and allow her to stay in school to execute her full potential. 

Currently each Birqe Dignity buckets costs $6.54. And because it is reusable,  Birqe can be used for 2-3 years. The bucket can help store the pads and underwear as well as fetch water for a wash.

 To distribute throughout Ethiopia we have partnered with various movements to expand our reach. We have also partnered with various local societies, teacher associations and women groups to receive Birqe and distribute within their community. 

ይህን ያውቁ ኖሯል?
75% የሚሆኑት የሀገራችን ሴቶች የወር አበባ ንፅህና መጠበቂያ እቃዎችን አያገኙም። በዚህም ምክንያት  ሴት ተማሪዎች ከትምህርት ገበታቸው ይቀራሉ፤ እስመጨረሻውም ድረስ ትምህርታቸውን ያቆማሉ።
ሴቶችን ማብቃት ሀገርን መገገንባት ነው!ሴቶች በማህበረሰቡ ትልቁን ድርሻ እንደሚወስዱ ግልፅ ነው:: ሴቶችን ለማብቃት ትልቅ ደረጃ ላይ ለማድረስ የተለያዩ አስተሳሰቦችን እንዲህም እንደነውር የሚታዩ የተፈጥሮ ፀጋዎች; የስነተዋልዶ ትምህርት ላይ ግንዛቤ በማስጨበጥ  ለአመለካከት ለውጥ ለማምጣት: መስራት ይኖርብናል። ሴቶች በወር አበባ ግዜ መሠረታዊ ንፅህና መጠበቂያ ፓድ እና ተያያዥ ቁሶች ያስፈልጓቸዋል:: የወር አበባ የሴቶች ጉዳይ ብቻ ሊሆን አይችልም:: የኛ ማህበረሰብ በአመፃ የሚፈሰውን ደም እንደ ንፁህ ነገር ግን ሰላማዊ እና ተፈጥሮአዊ  የሆነን ደም እንደ አሰቃቂ እና ነውር ይመለከታል::        
እኛ ሴቶች የአለም መሰረቶች እና እንጥረኞች እንደመሆናችን እኛም ከሠብዐዊ መብቶች ተቋዳሽ መሆን መቻል አለብን::                          
 ከአነስተኛ ቤተሰብ የሚወጡ ልጃገረዶች በየቀኑ እየተሰቃዩ ነው:: ይህ ደግሞ ሠብዐዊ መብትን እንደመግደፍ ነው::  በኢትዮጵያ ብዙ ሴት በወር አበባ ምክንያት ከትምህርቷ ትስተጏጎላለች:: ይህ ሴቶችን ማስተማር ሀገር ማስተማር  ነው እያለ እየተናገረ ካለ ማህበረሰብ ጋር የሚፃረን ነው:: ጥቂት ማይባሉ እንስት እህቶች የንፅህና መጠበቂያ  ቁሶችን መግዛት ይቸግራቸዋል:: ወጪውም እየናረ እየሄደ ነው:: ከኢኮኖሚ እንዲሁም ከእውቀት ማነስ በአንድ ፓድ እረጅም ሰአታትን ይቆያሉ::
ይህን እንደመፍትሄ ልናነሳ ምንችለው ተገቢውን ትምህርት ማድረስና ቁሶችን በማቅረብ ነው::እነዚህ የትምህርት ተቋማት ከ ሳይንሳዊ እውቀት በተጨማሪ የማህበራዊ  እና የአብሮነት መሰረት ናቸው፡  
ሴት ልጃገረዶችን ለከፍተኛ ትምህርት እንዳይበቁ ከሚያደርጏቸው መሰናክሎች በዋነኛነት የሚጠቀሱት ያለ እድሜ ጋብቻ : ጠለፍ ; ተገዶ መደፈር  በይበልጥ የሚነሱ ሀሳቦች ሲሆኑ ከእነዚህ እኩል  ሊነሳ ሚገባውን ነጥብ እንዘነጋለን: የወር አበባ ንፅህና መጠበቂያ እቃዎችን በአግባቡ  በተገቢው መንገድ ለልጃገረዶች ማድረስ እየሰራን ነው :: በመጭው የትምህርት ዘመን በመላው ኢትዮጵያ 50 ሴት ተማሪዎችን  ከትምህርት ገበታቸው እንዳይሰናከሉየወር አበባ መቀበያዎችን ያዘችውን ብርቄን የማዳርስ ዘመቻችንን ይቀላቀሉን::

A fundraising campaign to support 50,000 Ethiopian female students by providing them a kit to help them manage their monthly menstruation cycle. In the past we have distributed over 40,000 kits throughout Ethiopia to various schools and non-governmental organizations by partnering with multiple  organizations and movements. We are currently on a mission to distribute 1 million kits by end of 2030. As part of our efforts to keep 1 million girls in school, we are currently fundraising for 50,000 students.

We are owning the story behind the Abebayehosh yearly ceremony. Have you ever wondered what that ceremony was all about that a group of young girls adolescence would gather together for the New Year’s go house to house to sing and earn money or bread our brothers  were painting some form of art.

  we are still learning about the meaning of  this holiday which is mainly celebrated by young adolescent girls and even the name of this song is translated “Did she see her period and did she become a woman? As she sings “telagne hedech behamle chelema” this holiday is also celebrated  Ashenda and   celebrations in Pwagme; it’s no surprise Abebayeosh that it also involved just young girls...so we would like to own the story and say these young girls need to stay in school to keep them in school they need their obstacles removed one of the obstacles is managing their period. Do what you can and be part of this incredible movement to keep 1 million girls in school and to celebrate this new year not just with families and friends but also knowing that we are keeping girls in school that she will have a fair chance to compete, and she will have resources and opportunities provided for her. 

We thank you for being part of this movement we are really really grateful. 

#periodpovertyrevolution #periodisnatural #keepingherinschool #keepheredicated #backtoschool #fairchance #sdg6 #Dignity #እኔምያገባኛልጀግኒት

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