House Fire devastating aftermath my fam and pets


On Tuesday 6 December 2022, while on my way home, I called my son who, knowing I am afraid of the dark, advised me that I may not want to come home just yet because the house was dark. ( the power was down in our area). Since my boys and dogs were there and I would not be home alone, I decided to go on home. As I arrived one of them was leaving and the other was inside with the dogs. After speaking briefly with my neighbor, I went inside, immediately greeted by LaLa ( the mother dog), and woke my son up to go with me to get lunch. He didn't want to go, citing he was tired but thankfully I was able to convince him to go with me. While he unloaded the car, I played with LaLa as she stood outside on the porch with me. LaLa jumped from the top of the stairs onto the ground and ran the car to get inside and go with us, at which tone we had decided to take her with us. After finishing unloading the car we decided to let LaLa stay home since we would 'BE RIGHT BACK'! After having been gone no more than 35 minutes, I received a call from my neighbor saying ' Queen you need to come home, your house is on fire!' immediately I yelled to her 'SAVE THE BABIES, PLEASE JUST SAVE THE BABIES! I called her back immediately and said ' HOW IN THE HELLIS MY HOUSE ON FIRE AND WE HAVE NO POWER?!!!' Her response was, 'Queen they turned the power on about 30 minutes ago'..

As we rushed home in a panic, I began to pray asking God to please protect the babies. Upon arrival, we parked and approached the crowd that had gathered. A few of my neighbors said ' Queen, as soon as the power was restored, I heard a loud noise and then your house was on fire'. As the firemen approached me, I begged them 'PLEASE, GO GET OUR BABIES, THE DOGS ARE STILL INSIDE!' They assured me that they would go back in and look for them. After what felt like forever, but was probably only a few minutes, they brought out 2 of them Diddy, the father and Biggie the baby boy. I begged them to GO GET THE OTHER 2 LALA the mother and Brookie the baby girl and explained to them that 'the mother was loose and may be hiding'. They said they would go back and look for the other 2. They returned with only one ( the baby girl). I pleaded with them through my tears PLEASE GO GET LALA, SHE'S STILL INSIDE, PLEASE!

They said okay and went back inside ( I told my son, I can't take this so he accompanied me aloong with the 3 back to the car)and when they came back out my neighbors were screaming ' Queen they got her, they got her!'
At that moment, giving no thought to my badly injured knee, I ran as fast as I could to go retrieve LaLa. As I approached the female firefighter says ' she didn't make it, she's dead!'
No, no, no, please no! No! No!
Devastated, distraught, confused and saddened by her words we were faced with having to decide at that moment ' what do you guys want to do with the mother?'

We had to make a hard and immediate decision. Through our pain ,confusion and fear we decided to have our precious LaLa cremated. Then we had to break the news to my boy that was leaving as I arrived home initially, heartbroken he rushed home.
Now the three of us are faced with the reality of being without LaLa, having to deal with the father and 2 surviving puppies and homeless. The fire left Diddy and Brookie with badly damaged eyes (red, cloudy and practically swollen shut, and lungs so badly bruised and smoke-filled they could barely breathe) and still are needing treatments and vet visits.
Finding out once it was too late that my insurance was nowhere near enough to cover the damage or loss.

The fire had totally destroyed the front of the house ( kitchen, living room and dining room) were all burned and the rest of the house was full of dangerous smoke and fumes damaging everything that had not actually burned in the fire.

I will stop now, especially since I have been crying since beginning this message.

If you read this and decide to donate, thank you and may God Bless you and your family.

If you read this and decide to do nothing, may God Bless you and your family .

Regardless of your decision, please consider the following...

1) Trust God
2) Thank God and Praise Him, anyway.
3) Next time you think or attempt to judge the homeless... DON'T!!!
4) If you are a homeowner ( get insurance or check your policy limits, if you are a renter, get insurance or check your policy limits.
5) Let my devastating loss serve as a cautionary tale for you.

R.I.P. LaLa Nicole


JaNina Cox
San Jacinto, CA

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