Homeless in search of a home.

If you're reading this, let me start by thanking you for taking the time to do so.
I had never planned to do a go fund me. My wife and I were content to pull our family up and out with as little help as possible, like we always do. Our goal since the beginning of our journey has always been to raise our family from the depths of our deepest drop, and come out the other side refreshed and better for it. That still is our primary goal in all this. However, the hole we are in recently got deeper.
Around a year and a half ago, my family had hit an all time low emotionally. In our effort to better our lives financially, my wife and I were working more than we were home. With her working 45+ and varying shifts from morning to night, and me working open to close 70+ hours a week, that left little to no family time at home.
Our children suffered and by the time we realized how bad it was, it was too late for an easy fix. Our daughter was admitted to two rivers for a week for deep depression, and our youngest was having daily troubles at school. They were desperately seeking family time, and we were too stuck in work to realize it.
The entire household wound up in a great depression that very few truly know the depths of.
Something had to give.
So, I took a demotion from management at work. It dropped my hours from 70 to around 40, and started my journey back to my children. My wife's work finally stabilized with some quality employees, and she was finally able to be home more.
Less hours, and a position change, obviously meant less money,I just didn't realize how much until it was too late. So we let go of, or paid off, any and all excess bills. We slimmed our life down to bare basics and began the rebuild. Our children began to recover and it was beautiful. Sacrificing the things, while gaining the time, was the greatest decision we've ever made as a family.
All the while this was happening, the house we were renting fell victim to neglect as well. Regular cleaning gave way for what little sleep was available, or what little family time could be had in its place. With more time available at home we started addressing this issue as well. But, alas, it would prove to be too late.
In late August last year my landlord did their bi-annual inspection of the property. An inspection we had just passed 6 months prior could now not be passed. I had started deep cleaning many areas and the house looked almost rougher than when I started. We failed the inspection in August and were informed at the end of September that we were being evicted.
We were given 13 days to vacate.
I've been told that's not a legal amount of time, I had rights, etc. At the time, we didn't care. Our children were doing better by the day and we honestly looked at it like a fresh start. So we made it happen. We moved 6 years of 5 people's lives into storage and began the process of finding somewhere to go.
We received the bill from the landlord to the tune of a little over $6700. After looking through the charges I see where we got charged for basically everything, at a premium. But we didn't have the funds to hire legal counsel, and weren't really looking for any added stress on our recovering family. So, my wife and I decided to just pay what they said and move on with our lives. We admit the house was dirty, just wanted to take the high road and pay them off.
In place of contact regarding payments, we received a notice to appear in court. Once again, believing we could arrange payments, we attended the court date in hopes of being able to arrange those payments. The ruling was in their favor, as we expected and never denied. When I asked the judge about payments, he said that would have to be arranged with their attorney.
Before we could even contact them in regards to payments, less than 2 weeks later, we were served notices of garnishment at our places of employment. The dates on the garnishment letter showed they applied for the garnishment the same day as the trial, and it was granted.
Here's why we need help.
I lost, on average, $1200 a month in pay with my demotion. Roughly half my salary. We are currently living with 4 of us in a local hotel, and scraping by to do so. My oldest son is currently living with a friend so as to have some kind of free space and normalcy during his senior year of high school. Our family is broken, but still rising every day in terms of mental happiness. We're the strongest mentally that we have been in almost 2 years. But, we're on the verge of losing what little we have left. We just want to get our family whole again, under one roof. We want to finish our sons senior year of high school off right, and prepare a comfortable home for our younger 2 children to continue to thrive.
The first garnishment finally hit my check and looks to take another $400 a month from my family. Once it hits my wife's check, we will lose our ability to pay for the hotel. We will be homeless.
So we are asking only for enough to get clear of the garnishment. We are perfectly comfortable trying to find a new home, get funds for deposit, and get moved on our own. We desperately want to continue moving onward and upward, we just need clear of this last painful reminder of a troubled past.
Should we actually hit this goal, we'll never be able to thank anyone who donates enough. You will be helping to save a family that would prefer not to even have to ask for the help.
Should it exceed the goal set, before I can end the fund, any extra will be put towards getting out of the hotel.
Thank you for your time.
Jerry, Katie, Kyle, Alexis, Ayden.
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