Housing Homeless Babies & Children

It was a cold day in October when I first noticed Olivia. I was driving my teenage daughters to an appointment on a late Friday afternoon. She was standing on the side of the freeway ramp 9 months pregnant holding a sign. She wanted food or money for her children that I didn't see anywhere at that point other than a baby in her belly. I really didn't know what her situation was, and I really didn't care to know. I didn't have anything to give her so I just looked the other way and told my girls she can get help at the Our Center. Little did I know that she had been to the Our Center and turned away because she wasn't a  resident. She was given a slip of paper and told to return after 30 days when she was at that point a  resident. She had also been to some shelters where she was put on a waiting list and some told her the wait would be 2 years. Pregnant and with her babies 12 months and 5 years she went back to her bus and cried. She had nothing else she could do but hold a sign hoping someone would help. I wish I could go back to that day, I would have rolled my window down and taken the time to ask. 

5 Weeks Later....
It was Thanksgiving Day! My teenager girls asked me if we could  volunteer at the Our Center (local food bank) handing out hot meals. I told them that wouldn't be possible this year because of their younger sister who was only 21 month.  But I told them we could make plates for the homeless in our own kitchen. I though that there  were some living behind a gas station nearby our home. We had been handing out plates for about 15 or 20 minutes, when we found Olivia and her family. Her baby girl now born four weeks old, and also her 14-month, and five-year-old girls. The five year old girl was so excited to see us and began telling us about her siblings. We were so saddened by their situation . On the drive home my girls where crying and talking about what they wanted to do to help.  Once we where home within minutes we started putting a plan in place  for what we could do for the family. We just couldn't leave them like that those little babies in the cold. Snow is coming here in Colorado. We have a house that we were preparing to sell or rent out. We have decided to put this family in there. We really can't afford to pay the mortgage and utilities. That's why the plan was to sell or rent it.   We are asking for help covering these costs until this family can find jobs and get on their feet again. The money will also go towards buying diapers, wipes,  food, Christmas toys and any other supplies we need to buy just to get them started! If this ends up being a success we'd like to do it again for another family. It feels so good to help. I know that there are many others in their situation. Most of us when we see these women on street corners with signs look the other way. We don't realize what their situation really could be.  We want to give this family a good Christmas especially their little five-year-old girl. Even my teenage daughters are going without Christmas gifts so we can give more ourselves! I had bought them UGG boots for Christmas and they have asked me to take them back!! I'm so proud of them.  We have taken this family in and giving them literally the shirts off of our backs. They come to our house for dinners and to do laundry. We really enjoy getting to know them and playing with their children and holding that  precious new little baby girl! The five year old girl is so  grateful and keeps saying "Are You Kidding Me!" She gets excited over the  simplest things, a new pair of used pajamas, new underwear, a bath and her hair combed with a braid just to name a few! We want to keep helping! Please help us help them! Olivia the mom is very greatful and wants me to Thank you all! She is writing a letter I will post later. She says we are angels and she loves us! She was in a bad place in life and was  feeling hopeless. She says we are giving her hope and has been in tears with gratitude and joy!  This is truly a Christmas miracle and we could not have pulled it off without everybody's help!

Thanksgiving is what got this all started! And there's no way I'm going to leave a baby with no crib for a bed on Christmas!

Olivas Letter 12/1/2017 (updated letter in updates!)
Virginia and all the people that have helped me this week,
I felt scared and terrified and hopeless and alone. With Virginia and all you people helping me I feel like I've been seen and cared about and loved. I feel like I'm suppose to take this kindness you have given me and help others. It's restored my faith in humanity. I feel like the world was a dark scary place and Virginia and you have showed me we can be there for each other and there is love I feel like I can do anything. Now I can get on my feet and than help others in 1000 ways. I was feeling suisidal and Virginia and her family are angels that have made me feel better. My kids all of us are feeling more grounded and safe. Now I'm not scared. I can do anything!

Some of the money will go to helping house Olivia and her family, while they get back on their feet(about 6months)than we want to keep putting babies and children in this house! 
(Olivia and Virginia want to help raise awareness about babies and small children being homeless, most of  which are cold and hungry!) If we raise enough money we want to turn this home into a "Baby Angel House" 
(Maybe one day we will have Baby Angel House's all over! Any wait list for a homeless baby is to long!) 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Let's partner to help Babies get out of the cold! We could be saving these babies lives!
Thank you

(For Go Fund Me  reasons and also Govermant assistance reasons we need to be clear that all funds will be handled by a member of the Kinch Family and distributed to various bills all related to the housing and well being of the family in need that is living in the home)


Kinch Family
Longmont, CO

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