Help to Rescue "The Kingdom of BGBJ"

Dear Supporters and BGBJ Family,

My name is Serkan Korkmaz (Member of the BGBJ Family), and I am running this campaign on behalf of Resa Boenard, the Co-Founder of the "The Kingdom of BGBJ". The news that you all are about to hear will surprise you, and not in a good way. The Kingdom is about to lose everything that has been achieved and invested.

"It is hard for me to admit and share this information with all of you! But we will continue to do our best and to make something greater out of this mess! Everyone who has helped us to sustain and grow until this day wont be forgotten. And for all our sake, we won´t let our community down! Especially, not in such hard times like right now." Resa Boenard

Short introduction: The Kingdom of BGBJ is a(non-profit) Charity Organisation/ Youth Hub in Indonesia, which supports hundreds of families, living among the biggest landfill of South-East Asia. Co-Founded by Resa Boenard, the BGBJ has been achieving several projects successfully for more than a decade, and has supported many children to find the path into education. This organisation offers a variety of classes for the children and is implementing recreational projects to improve Hygienic Conditions, Standart of Living, Urban Farming, and Infrastructure. BGBJ stands for "Bantar Gebang Biji", which means "The Seeds of Bantar Gebang". The Seeds symbolise the growth of their Children.

The Loss of the Property

The Kingdom is facing recently the biggest challenge in its history. The Waste Management Industry is requiring more space to load up a further mountain of rubbish. The property of the Kingdom is located within their project space and they have to hand it over unwillingly. This has been planned to be completed by this year. Hence, there is not much time left. Many families are going to lose their homes and have to relocate, including the BGBJ Hub and Hostel. They will shut down the village with around 3,7 hectares, including 50 land owners and around 70 houses.

Priority Number One Goal

First priority is to find a place to rebuild the BGBJ as soon as possible. We are discussing with a landlord about an ownership of a land which is as close to the landfill as the current location. The closer we will be located to the village, the safer and better it will be for the children and community.

There is the opportunity to sign up for a property of up to 2.000 m². The price per m² is at about 1,200,000 IDR which is about 70 Euros. In total, this would be around 140.000 Euros.

We hope that we can buy at least 1.000 m² for the relocation, which is the minimum requirement from the landlord to buy any property available. The 1.000 m² would give us additional space of realising appropriate facilities for our existing computer lab, music studio, class rooms, sleep-over spaces (BGBJ Library Campaign 2019). This grants us the opportunity to accommodate and educate more children. With 2.000 m² we could finally set up an outdoor space, where the children can compensate in sport activities without risk of injuries from the landfill. Offering courses such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and many more.

We have not received any response from the Government, nor from the Waste Management Company since April 2021. We don´t know when the final date of removal will be, nor how much we will be compensated for not just the property, also for the investments which have been used to build. We got told to expect around 50.000 Euros as a compensation. It can be less, and it could be even more. But we don´t know yet.

Last Words

We cannot rely on the response of the government. Therefore, we want to move as soon as possible, so the BGBJ can keep existing. We are unfortunately forced to ask you for help and your support. This situation is urgent and many families are depending on every support that they can receive during these hard times of the pandemic. The BGBJ has been a reliable source for the families to receive food supplies since beginning of the COVID-19. Since the pandemic, the prices for recyclable material went down and the families had not enough income to feed there family and children.

We don´t have much time to get prepared. It is very important for us that you share this campaign with everyone who belongs to our family and who might be willing to support us!!! For every donation made, thank you! You will have supported us with more than you can think of.

for more information, visit, Instagram @thebgbj, Facebook @the kingdom of bgbj

Updates will follow....

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