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Copy and Adjust letter to send to your own Heads of State.
If your country is producing the mosquitoes rather than releasing them, this applies to you too. Please make the necessary adjustments to these letters and get them in front of your Kings and Presidents. Just one letter can save the day, but it has to be this week - before the 1st December 2023 deadline to reject the WHO's Amendments (Yes, and the Pandemic Treaty too, I agree , but Heads of State and sovereign nations can deal with that afterwards).#rejecttheamendments #WHOwithdrawalDeadline #GlobalHealthGenocide

Hi, my name is Frances, I was traveling and then I was asked to help stop a mass mosquito release, in Bali. I shared some work I'd done on the so called 'health strategy' of releasing hundreds of millions of the most dangerous disease vector mosquitoes the world has. And I shared some work on bioweapons and the chances of peace if the WHO are allowed to proliferate bioagents and not disclose that they have IP Technology in them. SO I also shared a paper about so-called Green Technology - Bio-tech carte blanche - all given Gains of Function to help the WHO with Health Surveillance and warned the Indonesian government about building smart cities that would use this foreign technology. We called for due diligence but you know and I know Oxitec wouldn't like us looking too closely at their science of deforming mouths of mosquitoes and releasing only males or looking at the science of the World Mosquito Program, releasing Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes eggs, males and females, when all future generations are inheriting that bacteria. We asked why did the scientists not study how the eggs must inherit the pathogens too? No, they didn't want people to look or understand. Just before the International Health Regulations come in. They wanted Health ministers to know the size of the Pandemic Preparedness Fund but no other ministers have any idea of the ramifications of giving all government decisions to the World Health Organization.

You might hope for a more influential woman than I on the case, and they are there and active but I hope to get a version of the letter above to the Heads of State of all 194 (approx) countries that are signed up, so that they can stand at last together and say no to the WHO. Deadline 1st December 2023.

`I do have a 1st Class Honours degree in joint Theology- and Maths-based Philosophy from a long time ago. I was briefly a writer for the brilliant Jeffrey Smith, Institute For Responsible Technology and I am still owner of a vegan, organic bio architecture retreat - although I have tenants who have refused to pay their rent - hence the GoFundMe to raise a little money to keep going and see this important timely mission through.

I was a social worker for several years. I am also registered as an organic farmer, with a background in Plant and Soil Science, and I've taught Horticulture and how to conduct Ecology field studies. My main focus has been to steer society away from objectives to control pests and diseases, away from exploiting animals and resources, and away from the eradication of invasive species and, instead, explore and research original ways to care for and restore habitats, health and food systems.

I did pioneer public banking, with protection of water as its golden peg, in Ireland and was appointed as a government partner in negotiations with the Sparkassen Public Bank in Germany, in 2020.

Working as a legal advocate, I was central in establishing the Protected Disclosure Act in Ireland in 2015.

In administration for the Abingdon Peace Group, I learnt about the importance of the movement for Global Non Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, including bioweapons and nuclear.

I proposed a referendum for the treatment of animals in Ireland, following gross noncompliance with Welfare regulations, in foreign laboratories - but wide mistreatment is obvious in every part of the country.

I was an EU Green Transition Commentator and contributed to policy groups from 2000 to 2022. Since 2000, I have supported low income employees in getting the Basic Income Rate, promised by government, which was supposed to be offered by all employers.

I have made government proposals for 1) the National Biodiversity Data Centre, 2) Ecological Sustainability Training For County Councils, 3) Mapping Coastal Seaweed Resource to Protect Traditional Harvesters with Inherited Rights, from international mechanical harvesting deals, like TTIP, in 2020.
3) Public Consultation and objections to funding nuclear technology and the refuelling of bombers, in a country that is supposed to be Neutral.

4) Objecting to the manufacture of GMO seeds and potatoes in a country where genetic engineering is banned.

5) Active in the objection to the Shell sonic blast-mapping of the ocean floor for Natural Gas and the contamination of the West Coast.

6) Most recently objecting to the permission granted for 200-metre wind turbines, built intentionally to fail by a corporation to create a market for their nuclear energy.

I came to expertise in genetic engineering and law through animal rights activism where I saw how vivisection could have been replaced by non-animal testing years ago and how animal ‘sentience’ has been taken out of the wording of legislation, to allow for industry abuse.

This is when I learned that gene editing including Gain of Function for mosquitoes uses either antibiotic culture which perpetuates an antibiotic resistance, for disease pathogens or using serum from unborn calves, which has been shown to be taken up by the genome of other species and transmitted epigenetically for 10 generations (cow dna in mice). In Bali, they fed the colony of female mosquitoes cow's blood. Cow's killed by Hallal methods, without anaesthetic. In Yogyakarta they had a license from the WHO to feed them human blood. What can go wrong? Well everything can go wrong, if we do not reject the WHO's IHR amendments before the end of November, next week. We will have no choice what is released on or mandated for injection into the population.

I worked as a ghost-writer for professionals in Education, Law, Food Safety and Business.

I would like to continue to raise awareness with authorities, journalists and heads of state to reject the amendments before the 1st December 2023 while we still can.
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