Help stop a fourth quarry in our region

Royalla Hard Rock Quarry Proposal Opposition 


Monaro Mix (NSW) and Pacific Formwork Pty Limited (ACT) are proposing a joint venture to build a hard rock quarry in Royalla. This quarry will be located within 2km of New South Wales homes, within 5kms of ACT homes and within an E2 Environmentally Protected area with already identified critically endangered species.

There are a significant number of quarries already in the area contributing to ground tremors and air pollution due to blasting, and with material deposits estimated to last at least 70 years. It should also be noted that these other quarries, within 10km of Canberra, are all operating at less than 50% capacity.

This new quarry is expected to generate just 30 jobs, which is negligible compared to the wildlife it will kill or displace and the social and financial impacts on the some 37,000 residents in the immediate area (not including the southern ACT suburbs in the impact zone).


The environment and community will be exposed to a significant number of impacts should this quarry proceed, these in brief include:

Human Health hazard:

-        Silica dust released in to the air as a result of blasting; a leading cause of silicosis and other lung cancers.

Road Safety:

-        Per the submitted documents, there will be an additional 200 trucks using the community roads EACH DAY, between 6am and 6pm. This adds significant risk to families on the road as well as the transport companies ferrying children on buses (some bus stops are located on narrow two lane roads with minimal to no shoulder).

Environmental Impacts:

-        This area contains several critically endangered flora and fauna species, some of which were displaced during the recent Namadji National Park fire and found refuge in these areas.

-        Added draw on the water table as the proposed quarry will require several bores and/or damns.

Property Damage

-        Several homes close to the existing quarries have already sustained damages due to blasting and tremors.

-        All electrical appliances are at risk of damage as a result of brown outs as the new quarry will be drawing down on the existing power grid; not designed to efficiently sustain a project of this size.

 Majority Community Sentiment

The residents of Royalla and surrounding regions are in the majority against this proposal.

The two entities who’ve proposed this venture, appear to have purposely neglected to include south side ACT suburbs in their community notification and consultation process.

As a community we find this incredibly disappointing and will working as hard as we can to ensure it doesn’t go ahead.

What we’re doing

The residents in the immediate area are:

-        Forming work groups to research and respond to the proposal submission.

-        Building communication networks within the area to build awareness and identify individuals and resources that can be used to respond to a proposal

-        Contacting key decision makers in council, parliament and news groups to express our opposition


What you can do to help

Whilst the proposal is in early stages and a formal opposition response is not yet required, there are still important things that can be done to help.

You can lend your support by:

1)     Writing to these key decision makers

2)     Like and follow our Facebook page and share posts as much as possible

3)     Submit a personal impact statement that can be used to support our opposition submission.

As a small community group, we are up against powerful forces. But we know we can win this if we harness people power.

​Your donation will go towards:
- Awareness raising through advertising, marketing and publications
- ​Environmental reports and other expertise
- ​Legal advice

If you have any queries or concerns, we are contactable on the following details:

E: [email redactado]




On behalf of all concerned residents in the area,

Thank you
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