Help Reunite a Lost Family After 58 years

Hopefully with YOUR help we can reunite a family with their mother who they last saw 57 years ago. Unable to take any more physical abuse Margaret left her home in Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK  leaving behind her 5 children, the eldest being only 7. She hated leaving but couldn't take it any longer and after having her life threatened she moved to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. She tried after to recover her children but was met only with threatened violence. The year was 1961, before the Beatles, colour TV, space travel, CD/DVDs/Mobile phones, computers and the internet !!  The children and their mother have not seen each other since. The children suffered a very hard upbringing with a violent, hard drinking father, in and out of care and foster homes and being introduced to various "stepmums". When social services did return them to their father the abuse continued and their schooling suffered as they were forced to work on the land from a very young age to keep their father in beer money. Despite making various attempts over the years the siblings had given up hope of finding their mum and didn't even know if she was still alive! Until, that is, the 6th September 2019 when the eldest siblings wife received an email from a stranger which read: "My husbands family has been looking for David and his siblings for some time. It's kind of a long story - does David know he has half-siblings in the U.S. ? They would love to get in touch with him" Subsequent contact revealed that Margaret had returned to Huntingdon and subsequently met a member of the USAF  and gave birth to a daughter in England in 1963.  On the death of her new husbands father they returned to the USA having two further daughters and a son. Eventually she revealed to her children the knowledge of their half siblings in the UK and the guilt she felt every day for having to leave them and her overwhelming desire to hold them in her arms again. Wanting desperately to help assuage their mothers perceived guilt and to help her with her desire to hold her children  they too tried  to trace the UK family but were unsuccessful. With the advent of Ancestry sites and specialist agencies the wife of Margaret's Grandson finally traced the wife of the UK siblings late Uncle who put them in touch with David. It emerged that Margaret is still with us and a fit spritely 86 years young and although in good physical health is starting to suffer from some forgetfulness. Obviously, after such a long estrangement, and in the case of 3 of the siblings having no recollection of their mother, they are desperate to visit her and be reunited with her as soon as possible .  It is impossible for their mum to make a 5200 mile journey so their only option is to travel to Arizona and Colorado . With the cost of Air Tickets, accommodation,  transport in the US food and other expenses the trip is likely to be between £7 500 - £12000 it is beyond their means in such a short space of time and so are looking to raise the funds to enable the 5 UK siblings to be reunited with their mother and the 4 half siblings they didn't know existed. They thank you in advance for any help you can give them in making their lives complete. Read even more about the background to this story in this article published in the iPaper in the UK by Johnson Press on September 21st 2019 titled "Beaten and starved by their father, these siblings thought their mother was dead – until they got an email out of the blue after nearly 60 years

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