Help Relocate Burisma Whistleblower Employee

Some of you who are reading this know me, others do not. My name is John Mark Dougan. I am from Palm Beach County, Florida. I was a former Marine and a former Palm Beach County cop and whistle blower who sought, and received, political asylum in Russia for exposing the crimes of my colleagues. I am also the author of the book, "BadVolf ,"  which details my fight against the criminal activity committed by police officers.

Since 2016, I have helped (or attempted to help) numerous whistle blowers escape countries hostile to them. I was initially assisting Julian Assange, taking six months to put together an escape plan (though he ultimately decided the risk of getting caught was too great) and I successfully got SEC whistle blower Mykalai Kontilai through the borders where he has applied for asylum in Russia.

Last month, while investigating links to Burisma, I came into contact with a high-ranking employee born during the soviet era. This person has significant information about Burisma's operations, including meetings that took place between Burisma's COO Mykola Zlochevsky and Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Joe Biden, and several other Americans in 2013 and 2014. I have spoken extensively to this whistle blower over the last month after I sought them out. This whistle blower possesses credible evidence, which I have seen, that will enlighten people as to what was taking place in the company in 2013 and 2014. This whistle blower is willing to go on record after being able to flee Ukraine with their family and relocation to Moscow

Before I mentioned the whistle blower was born during the Soviet era. The era is significant because the USSR was made up of 15 countries, and had but just one citizenship/passport. After the Soviet Union fell, the people received citizenship/passports in the countries they resided, however, anyone born in the USSR is eligible to move to Russia and obtain a Russian passport, however, it's not a simple procedure. It requires lots of documentation, an attorney who knows the system, and being able to support a family.

I need help to make this happen. I'm sorry I can't go into more information as to the identity of the whistle blower, but if their identity becomes public before their relocation, their lives will be in certain jeopardy.  I am asking you, the public, to help me get this whistle blower and his family here to Moscow so that then can tell their story directly to you, the American people.

I have been in regular contact with this whistle blower, who gave the the statement in the above video.

***NOTE: I will be withdrawing the funds, paying for the attorney and off of the expenses. The rest of the funds, after expenses, will be given directly to the whistleblower. The whistleblower and their family will end up with all of the funds that are donated.

Apparently, GoFundMe isn't happy with the politics of helping a REAL whistleblower with knowledge of the Burisma incident who can give real testimony about criminal activities engaged in by what I assume is most tech companies preferred political party. Or perhaps they were threatened by the government that has an interest in keeping the whistleblower quiet.

As you remember, GoFundMe allowed a campaign to help the government-paid, CIA employeed FAKE "whistleblower"  that informed on President Donald Trump. This campaign had half the information and transparency that I posted, but for some reason, they needed clarification on this campaign, which they put on hold until I answer the following questions that I answered very clearly above.

From GoFundMe:

Transparency is the best way to have a successful GoFundMe, so we ask that you include the following information in your story:
1.    Who you are and where you’re from
2.    Your relationship or contact to the intended recipients of your campaign’s donations
3.    A clear explanation of how the donations will be spent
4.    Your plan to get the campaign’s donations to the intended recipient(s)

***After I answered all of the questions, I received the following email from Nick, the support person at GoFundMe (yes, his spelling is that terrible):

Hi John,

Thank you for following up with us here.

I took a look over your account, and in this case, our team requires some additional information before we are able to move forward.

First, can you please let us know what these funds will ultimately be spent on?

Next, can you please let us know the full legal name of the individual that these funds are ultimately to support? We understand that you want to keep this information private, but our team will need to understand the name of who will be benefitting from these funds. This information will be kept private between you and GoFundMe, we will not publish this information.

Lastly, can you let me know who else is all involvled in this? Are you sending these funds to anyone other than this whistleblower? If so, please let us know who and their connection to your campaign.

Once we understand all of this, we can continue working with you on all of this.

I'll keep an eye out for your response,


Community Management Team

**** I sent the following response:

1. The funds will be spent on an attorney, visas for the family, an apartment and other relocation costs associated with moving from one country to another.

2. Did you guys verify the name of the CIA whistleblower whose name was kept out of everything, and who make hundreds of thousands of dollars from your platform? Of course no it. it's a double standard.  I'm not going to provide you with a name because this person's identity is NOT worth the $10,000 I'm trying to raise. Frankly, I don't trust your company, or the FBI. American government would like nothing more than to leak her name to the Ukrainian government/Burisma so she can't be a whistleblower anymore. Instead,  I will take this to the media.

There is absolutely no other person involved in this campaign, just the whistleblower and I. Once there is enough money, there will be an attorney. But we haven't gotten to this point yet.

If you are going to suspend the campaign because I won't give you an identity, then so be it. But it will be a cold day in hell that I would release it before this person is safely put of Ukraine.

Please expect calls from the media.

GoFundMe is still accepting donations for this campaign, but will not release the donations until I tell them the name of the whistleblower. I am asking everyone reading this to write to [e-mail geredigeerd] to ask them why they would require such private information as the whistleblower's legal identity, despite knowing such information would surely leak to the media by one of their team members with a likely result of getting this person killed. Also ask if the GoFundMe team is willing to PERSONALLY come here to retrieve this whistle blower, get them out of Ukraine and to relocate them. This is a very small campaign, and I no doubt they did not require the identity of Adam Schiff's whistleblower when hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised for them.

I have decided to also place the transcript from the video above from our question and answer session (Answers are in English and Ukrainian):

Q: What is your current occupation

A; I am a senior executive. I don't want to give my title, but I am at the very top.

Q; Where is your current city of residence

A: Kiev

Q: What is your current company

A: Бурісма Холдингс

Q: How do you work for Burisma when the corporate office located in Cypress?

A: Корпоратиний офіс знаходиться в Києві, тому що місцезнаходження на Кіпрі зупеняє людей інвестувати. Ви маєте знати , що банки на Кіпрі дуже спрощені, тож гроші можно легко сховати.
The corporate office is located in Ukraine. The cypress address is just to prevent people from investigating. Also, Cypress has easy banking laws to make hiding money very easy.

Q: How long have you worked there?

A: Я працюю більш 10 років, але я б не хотіла  уточнювати, скільки саме.
More than 10 years. I don't want to give an exact answer.

Q: Who is your direct supervisor?

A: До того як Хантер Байден прийшов до ради директорів, моїм безпосереднім керїівником був Олександр Горбуненко. Тепер наді мною два боси - Юрій  Гаудич та Тарас Бурдений.           
Before when Hunter Biden was involved, I answered to Alexander Gorbunenko. Now it is Юрий Гаудич  and Тарас Бурдейный

Q: Who are these people?

A: Юрий Гаудич - це Финансовый директор , а Тарас - є головний виконавий директор (CEO).

Q: Have you ever met Joe Biden

A: Ну, не зовсім. Він приїздив на зустріч з одним з директорів, у 2014 , та я з ним не спілкувалася, и нас не знайомили.
Not really. He was at a meeting with our director in 2014 but I didn't speak to him or introduce myself.

Q: Have you ever met Hunter Biden

A: Так , ще декілька разів я його бачила, дуже милий, приємна людина, трохи фліртував з нашими дівчатами, з офісу.
Yes, on several occasions. he was nice enough, very friendly to all the girls in the office.

Q: Have you ever met Devon Archer

A: Також декілька разів.
Yes, on several occasions

Q: Have you ever met Mykola Zlochevsky?

A:Так, я працювала з ним декілька років. Він переїхав до Англії одразу після того, як був найнятий Хантер Байден. Містер Хантер був корисний, адже він примусив свого батька зупинити слідство проти Бурісми та Зубчевського. И щоби звільнити гроші Злочевського, коли розслідування було закрите, Байден натиснув  якимось чином на міжнародний суд у Лондоні.
Yes, I used to work for him for several years. He moved to England right after Hunter BIden was hired. Biden was also helpful because he was able to get his father to stop the investigation into Burisma and Zlochevsky. After that, Biden put pressure on the international court in the UK to release Zlochevsky's money since the investigation had been closed.

Q: Have you ever heard of Viktor Shokin?

A:Так, це прокурор, що проводив розслідування у нашій компанії. Коли слідчі прийшли до офісу, намагалися почати перевіряти финансові звітності,  генеральний директор зателефонував  Хантеру БАйдену , і той сказав. що виправить ситуацію.
Yes, he was a prosecutor investigating our company. When a  group of his investigators came to search our financial records, the CEO called Hunter Biden, who said he fix the situation.

Q: What work has Hunter Biden performed for Burisma?

Я би сказала, що ніким він там не був,  він не брав участі у діяльності компанії. Окрім отримання держвних грошей. А це близько одна ціла і 2 десятих мільярди гривень, що тоді дорівнювалося 100 мілліонам долларів США. ПОтім ці гроші відмивали, розсилали по різним компаніям, що належали українським та американським бізнесменам и політикам.
Завдяки Хантеру ці гроши надходили до рахунків компаніі. Але то були гроші, які придназначалися українському уряду, гроші що були надані Штатами.  І, виходить, ці гроші просто відмивалися. І от , що цікаво: під час переговорів Миколи Злочевського та американського віце-президента Джо Байдена, вони домовилися, що гроші будуть надходити до того часу, пока син віце-президента Хантер БАйден, та його друг Девон Арчер отримають місця у раді директорів. 
Це не мало глузду, та якби ми не взяли його до ради директорів, Хантера БАйдена, я маю на увазі, не платили б йому заробітню платню, то надходження з Америки зупинилися б. Нагорода була суттєвою. Ну, подивіться. КОмпанія заплатила Хантеру 1 мільйон долларів, натомість отримиала сотні мільйонів.

Hunter Biden has no role and has paid no part in anything Burisma does, except getting state money. It totaled about 1.2 billion Ukrainian hyrevna, at that time it was about about 100 million USD. That money was then laundered and dispersed to various shell companies belonging to politicians and business men
Hunters role ensured the money kept coming. a lot of that  money that was laundered was the money provided to the Ukranian government by the United States. In discussions between Mykola Zlochevsky and the American vice president, Joe Biden, it was established that the money would keep coming as long as the vice president's son, Hunter Biden, and his friend, Devon Archer, received a position on the board of directors. It was a meaningless position, but If we did not pay Hunter Biden, it was clear that the money from the united states would stop. The reward was substantial. We paid Hunter Biden about 1 million US dollars and we made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Q: Do you have evidence to support these claims?

A: Звичайно! (Of course! )

Q; Will you give them to me?

A: Ти мені казав, что допоможеш мені і моій сімії виїхати з України. Якщо я тобі зараз дам ці свідоцтва, то одразу стане зрозумілим , хто я, і якщо я буду в Україні на цей час, то мене і вбити можуть... Тільки тоді, коли я буду за кордоном ,я віддам тобі все, що в мене на них є.
You told me you would help get me and my family out of Ukraine. When I give these documents, my identity will be discovered and if I am still living in Ukraine, I would likely be killed. When you get me out of Ukraine, I will give you everything I have.


John Dougan
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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