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Help Me To Help Australia Recover from Wildfires

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Namaste! I am on my way to help, hands on, to rebuild habitat for wildlife and people in desparate need in Australia after catastrophic wildfires.

Your money will be well spent. I have a degree and 10 years working experience in Wildlife Conservation Biology, Ecosystem and Animal Rehab in the USA and India, and 10 more years experience studying and running my own Permaculture Business in California, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

My travel money is running out because the work I did for Permaculture Fire Prevention, Transforming Fire Hazards into Food Forests in California for a friend owes me $5,000, the cash is currently delayed and unavailable.

Can you please help me to help Australia? I am in Bali, ready to hop over in a few days to help, but now my travel money to fly, eat, sleep and buy materials to serve those in need is unavailable.

Thank You!

Together We Can Build the World We Wish to Live in. 



Samyol SoulFyre
Nevada City, CA

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