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Help Make Computing Accessible in Kenya!

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Who We Are: 

We are PCs & Parts 

Our mission is to make computing accessible in Kenya. 

Democratizing the power of computing in Kenya is important to bridge the technological divide between the two sides of the world. But the traditional infrastructure of the computer industry does not hold up well because of the costliness of importing machines (cost of goods/tax) and repairing closed systems owned by companies like Apple, Dell & Lenovo. For that reason, computing in Kenya has to exist within the bounds of a unique set of constraints… 

If computing is to become more accessible in Kenya, it has to be modular, local, and cost-efficient so Kenyans can build computers from scratch AND maintain them as they deteriorate.

So, in short, we decided to make that a reality… or sort of stumbled into making it one. For the story as to how… check this out !

But- for now, we are working with around 100 of the brightest Kenyan engineers at universities and innovation centers across Nairobi in order to turn a modular concept of computing (inspired by Kano technology) into a reality. Some steps we have already taken toward this reality: 

> We developed a web app enabling this “democratization of computing.” The  PCs and Parts platform  is a simplistic two-sided marketplace made for buying and selling local parts and Kenyan- built PCs to connect the dots of a more modular computing ecosystem. 

> Secured a donation of 100 Kano Modular PCs to help educate students on the inner working of a computer and how to build/maintain one.

> Started the process of designing the cheapest computer build using parts already widely available at Kenya electronics stores 

& much more coming very soon!

In order to support the education/growth of our community, the further development of our platform and getting materials into Kenya, we need some help! Hit the “Donate now” button to contribute to our mission.

What Donations Go Towards: 

> Shipping costs of transporting computers from US warehouse to Nairobi 
> 100 US <> UK/Kenya Plug Adapters for donated computers
> Funding for Kenyan students to build modular computers
> Content creation (video, photos, editing)
> Web hosting fees

What We Can Offer Donors: 

> Gratitude above all else :) + happy Megan 
> Sponsor logo on our website 
> Sponsor logo @ the end of our video detailing the launch of the program

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