Help For A Mom in Desperate Need

Single Mother caring for her kids, sociopath, cheating ex-husband doing everything he can to have HER put in jail and not pay her child support!

My wife has a friend at the brink of coming completely unravelled, and yesterday in court SHE was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail if her kids refused to go with the father. I was sickened to my core witnessing how the system works. However, today I woke up with new found energy and creativity in finding ways to fight off this scumbag legally.

This is where you come in.  I don't have the means to give her the money she needs for all the attorney fees necessary to fight back. I've donated a small amount myself, but am volunteering food, shelter, and whatever else I can so that she can commit anything she has to turning the legal tables on him. Anything you can contribute to this cause is greatly appreciated.

To summarize, just to give you and idea of exactly the caliber of person we are talking about.  Here is a short list of a few things he has done to destroy and humilate this family:

1. He had a child with another woman out of wedlock, while married to the wife. And named the child THE SAME NAME as his and the wife's child.
2. During the divorce, told his own mother he needed money to pay to keep the family in their house. Took what amounted to well over 6 figures for this purpose, and kept it to spend on himself and his NEW girlfriend he cheated on his wife with (different from the one he had the illegitimate child with).  All while foreclosure notices and proceedings began, in addition to all utilities in the house being turned off. (They had to humilate themselves by taking showers at their neighbors houses).
3. Drained both kids' college funds amounting to over $100k to spend on himself and his new girlfriend.
4. Has posted on his FB page that his wife DIED in December of 2009.
5. This piece of work, goes out and spends thousands of dollars every week on lavish dinners, clothes, watches, then tells the court he cant afford to pay his child support.  Anything and everything but doing right by the family he left in utter ruins.
6. Convinced the court he cant afford to pay support for all 3 of his children, so the WIFE gets money for only 1 child, while the Baby's Momma gets the same amount for her child. 
7. He has fallen far enough behind on his child support payments, the judge had to put him in jail.
8. He has allowed their health insurance to lapse on several occasions, and one of the children has  significant health issues.
9. During the divorce, completely disappeared from the lives of the children, not even so much as a call on birthdays or Christmas. 

Last week, the court suspended a 30 day sentence to the wife, but will enforce if the kids refuse to go with this guy. Then on top of that, she is ordered to pay his attorney fees.  This left me absolutely disgusted!

She  has no money, is barely making enough money to feed the kids and have a place to live, while this guy says in court, 'I want her to go to jail'.  She just wants to be left alone and move on with her life without him continuing to destroy her and her kids lives. 

If you'd like to contact me to validate any of this I am happy to provide you whatever details you require. I havent shared names or specific details just because I am 100% confident this gem of a guy will come after me for slander.

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