Help Feed Starving Orphans In Africa Please Bless

Greetings,  My name is Shane Paul Brown.  We have been supporting Orphanages & Ministries in African Countries for several years now.  Often times, we are the only person on the planet helping them individually.  They get no govt support, which Is a scandal,  and only medical if they have the money to pay the hospital & doctors.  Right now we are supporting  26  orphanages/ministries.   We can not take on more clients.  Sorry.  Some have no food now whatsoever.  The need is Extremely Urgent.  We work w Raphael Robert Kyawa, our Partner in Uganda.  We are the 'rainmaker' or trying to be, from our studio apartment in Quincy, Ma USA.   

He is coordinator/ verifier & disburser.  Film here:   We're looking for heroes who can give the minimum of $5. or whatever one feels comfortable with.  You are invited to donate here or we have a Paypal Donate button  here:  (Scroll way down)   Our Paypal and primary email is [email redacted]   Payments to our bank thru Go Fund Me take 2-5 business days where Paypal is instantaneous.  All donations are guaranteed to go to where you say in memo w/o any  shenanigans.

Please help & be a 'rainmaker' yerself, if led.  You Will Be richly blessed w spiritual manna & we Are in a 'cashless society' as soon as we wake up & listen to a different kind of leader, like we had over 2000 years ago.  Have we learned anything since we blew that opportunity, Spirits in the material world?  Check this from yours truly 26 years  in incubation  Chapel Tibet channels Paul's future 'Shiny' self.  Shane.  )    Sananda / Jesus response...

Get the latest updates & 'Good Stuff' coming down here, if led.  TYVM   )   )  )

Want Docs?  We Got essential Docs. 

What's that James & James?  Ok,  right,  (they love when we share this.)  Shane, how much 'bread & egg money' *  has the site generated since 2013?   Right, it ain't over yet.  Peeps love their little green pieces of paper that allows them to buy things.  Even starving children need that shhiit b4 they can be fed.  That's the world we're living in, folks.  What a travesty.    (colorful adjective deleted.)

They know.  and definitely, God knows, we don't share 'Good stuff' 4  the 'greenback dollar'  We got one $50. donation,  a few years ago.  Thank you Fred G. )  *Don't believe us?  Listen & hear special guests, Buddies waiting on the other side 4 us Team Oneness, if haven't heard b4. )   Everyone's welcome to The Grateful Jubilee starting here, if led.  & carried on here  (Now aka Shane's Shinings V  page 4 a real good time in the eternal 'Now.'  )  What It Is.  <3 ) 
Rec & fin.  4 the record  3/29/21   8:11 a.m.  Quincy, Ma. USA
Updated:  4/10/21   9:22 a.m.  angel <3 time.  )

Now  4/20/21   3:07 p.m.  To thos skeptics who think scam scam scam w everything.  We can and will add a whole lot more notes/ vids of Thank you Shane/Paul  but we invite Ya's to be a part of this.  Give what you're led to and the babies& kids will sing Your praises.  What's keeping You from tossing in minimum of $5. ?  Remember today's money Is tomorrow's, if not today's, toilet paper.  Film at the above paullfb site.  Scroll down @ 1/3 where it starts to get smelly.  Alright Immortal Spiritual Beings, some others on 'Spiritual espionage missions of light'  Play it Shane:   W Ty's to Ashtar & Michael,  'The human telephone wire' )

We're not the only one.  Listen:  Be a 'WhistleBlower' on Your Own Shiny Self.  In closing, Shine on Shineys!  The Need is Urgent, as this page should point out, gentle reader...  

Speaking of Shiney's:   So, who elsee wants to be a 'waterbearer' and aid in the blossoming & blooming of God's most precious fruits, awl over the schoolhouse Gaia & qualify 4 Source's best reward plan?  We can do it here or when you go out and see a little act of kindness we can do.  Big or small, if it brings a smile to another's face, we've done angelic  good, guys.  We have an eternal celebration gathering just around the next bend, earth angels & the time is Now.  TYVM  )
Cheers & Cheerio. Fin 3:44 p.m.   <3 )

Now  4/23/21  There is more new news re to this fundraiser here, if int.   TYVM  )

Now  5/3/21  Update  The just above page has inspired this page to be born where Good Stuff is ready and waiting to do what it showed up to do.  It's all 4 us, God's kids to  en-Joy.  Eternal Fun awaits, guys, once we get the situation of hunger & shelter & taking care of basic necesities for awl , not just the privileged.  So, Please check out this page  Home of the Peace Love Light Joy Luck Fun Laughter Harmony Happiness Adventure Kind Gracious Grateful Club.  This is Our little club Everyone. And of course our beloved pets are w us in it too. )
So, let's 'Carry on' shall we?  And as Jerry says... ) ) )

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Paul F Brown
Quincy, MA

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