Help Excelsior Survive Covid 19

Many of you already know what Excelsior is. We are a community focused and driven game lounge in Maynard MA. Over the last few weeks we have taken the measures to close to help reduce the strain on our healthcare workers and have launched a campaign to print them PPE during this time using our remaining resources and donated goods. But, that doesn't mean we can afford closing. Because of the nature of the lounge, we don't have a lot to afford rent and utilities for the (looks like 2 months) we will have to be closed. 

as you may know, Excelsior runs on paper thin margins. Everything we earn goes back into the community center for the kids. Any profit gets turned into more games and systems and equipment for the lounge. Kaz and Bobby live off of a small external paycheck. Paying more in personally risks at home living expenses. They don't exactly live in luxury to start. They have a cramped apartment and several roommates to help shoulder the burden. Because we are still not a registered non-profit, we cant apply for some of the available grants. We are still working through SBA loans.  We are keeping up to date on anything we can do there regarding COVID19 relief.

So how can you help?

Supporting this GoFund. Everything here is going to operating costs during closure. Rent and Utilities. 

One thing that's been going around is pre-buying gift cards for later use. We are taking payment for that through paypal.  And shipping these gift cards. [email redacted]

Kaz posted a HUGE amount of handmade dice on etsy. Every cent from their profit is going to this. 
Their etsy is here. …

We are running a shirt fundraiser to make up for some lost costs, but that's going to be a few weeks out on payout. The wonderful Nick Maskell designed our "Slow your roll" Snail And that shirt is here 

you can join our patreon , and feel free to make a suggestion for a tier, personal or for others

You can, as they become available, make donations of cleaning products. or help us clean while here.

you can join some of our upcoming online games and programs. they will be donation based. it will vary on event. some will be donate to join, some will be donate for things like extra dice rolls.

you can order mtg and pokemon product from us here, we can invoice you, and if you are local will drop if off at your step. Otherwise we can ship. We will also happily order you board-games as we can. Turn over is normally one to two business days.

you can help with legislation to help small business in this time and help employees get extra PTO when effected by things like this.

you can stay home when you are sick or may have been exposed. We love you. We want you healthy. We love everyone else too. We want them healthy.

you can help offer to run some of our online events so our youth don't feel quite so alone and isolated.

you can join our discord  server to have a community still alive . We have been hosting D&D, Pokemon, MTG, Chat sessions, Board Games, and more!

you can help us come up with events to do once this settles down to help make up for lost funds.

you can visit our Artists shop  for branded merch designed by our staff.

and you can be a good human. Please. This is rough for everyone. BE A GOOD HUMAN, take care of other humans.

we are doing what we can to flatten the curve and not loose our home or community. If there is something else you think you can do, or more you can suggest, please. As always. Excelsior is only as strong as our community and you have all always been amazing.

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