Help a group of artists for NYC PRIDE MARCH


As a spokeswoman of under-represented communities like queer, low income/coming from a discriminated town in Japan, immigrant, artist, woman, POC, having the tools to offer an accessible platform to express the value and worth of any underrepresented communities of artists, it meets the theme and values that fund the Pride Day and LIVABALL organization.



This year, for Pride Parade NYC, LIVABALL is going to collaborate with sarAika movement collective in the creation of an interactive and collaborative art performance. The program includes a friendly/nonactivist march, gathering local LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and Allies, dancers, musicians, and drag performers for a total of 75 performers, for an evening of arts, live music and performing arts, honoring the queer community playing and dancing the notes of the best 80’s-90’s hits. This event aims to support all the communities that can resonate with my intersectionality and prove that collaborations between diverse groups and arts may create unexpected and creative products. The unique and broad NYC PRIDE PRADE is the perfect platform to exhibit the success, victory and celebration of how “being different” is the resolution for a brighter future. Joining the Pride is how we reclaim space for queer artists to be celebrated while advocating for their rights and showing the crowd of NYC the strength, beauty, and power that we hold.  As the PRIDE PARADE has given us a light to let us have confident in who we are embracing our own uniqueness, this time we want to be the light for someone.

今年のニューヨーク・プライド・パレードでは、LIVABALLはsarAikaムーブメント・コレクティブとタッグを組み、 インタラクティブなコラボレーション・アートパフォーマンスを創作します。このプロジェクトではローカルのLGBTQIA+やBIPOC(黒人、先住民、有色人種)やアライ(性的マイノリティの人達を理解し支援する人達)のダンサー、ミュージシャン、ドラッグクイーンなど系75名が参加。ミュージシャンによる80・90年代のヒットソングの生演奏、それに合わせて踊るパフォーマンスなどのアートを通し、クイアコミュニティを称えます。
このプライドパレードに参加することで、クィアのアーティストが祝福される場と権利を提唱し、世界中から集まるニューヨークの群衆に私たちが持つ強さ、美しさ、力を示します。 そして何より、8年前の私がニューヨークのプライドパレードを見て自分の個性に自信を持ち始めることが出来たように、今度は私が、誰かにその力を与えたいと思っています。

We have asked that the participants volunteer their time. However, your donations will allow us to give all the participants compensation to support their time and dedication. As queer organizers, we understand the need for the community to heal through mutual support, which we can achieve with these funds. The funds will cover the cost of all the supplies and props necessary for the performers to present high-standard performances and compensate all the performing artists and directors equally for their time, talent, and effort. With your help, we can contribute to creating a more solid future for the artist's community that financially supports emerging queer artists. Please consider making a donation so that this project can evolve, perform, succeed, and inspire, being hope for all the queer community in NYC. Any small or large donation is greatly appreciated and fundamental to the realization of this project. Your support will assist the realization of our dreams & the empowerment of the queer dance community.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! ありがとうございます!
Snip from our rehearsal for NYC PRIDE MARCH 2022 ↓リハーサルの様子↓
    • $10 
    • 12 hrs
  • Fumi Somehara 
    • $50 
    • 17 hrs
    • $5 
    • 1 d
    • $10 
    • 2 d
  • Guangmin Shen 
    • $30 
    • 3 d
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