Hayti Reborn Reparative Justice Movement & Fight

We, the Hayti Reborn's Community Action Council, need your immediate help in our Fight FOR Durham's Next Century!
We are currently fighting for reparative justice and our collective community's survival. Durham holds little future for low-to-moderate income Black and brown residents at the present rate and modes of economic development. Together with supporters and friends, we have come together to save our historic Durham lands and neighborhoods.
Our Hayti Reborn Community Action Council (CAC) members are people from across Durham's Hayti community. We are both the young and the older people from Hayti, including public housing residents, individuals, and families. Many, if not most, have spent our entire lives in Durham. Some of us were directly removed from our home lands, including Fayette Place, during Durham's Urban Renewal process in the 1960s and 1970s, or are descendants of those removed.
We have now come together to fight against plans by the Durham Housing Authority to extract wealth and opportunity out of our neighborhood for the next 100 years. We offered an alternative community-oriented and centered plan, focused on giving our children pathways out of the poverty that surrounds them; only to be ignored and not even given an opportunity to share the plan with public officials. WE WANT TO BE HEARD! Your support would help us be heard.
In January 2021, we partnered with the United Way Greater Triangle to launch the Hayti Reborn Autonomous Power Project. After securing scarce dollars for our Council, we committed to using these resources to making Hayti stronger and better. We once planned to use our dollars: to help provide daycare assistance for working single parents in the neighborhood; to help with home repairs for our low-income elderly residents; and most importantly, to train young people from our community in skills that would give them pathways to opportunity, and out of gang life and associated detrimental activities. Making Durham safer and better for everyone. We planned to invest and fight for their future.
We still do! Instead of the previously mentioned activities, we have now turned and committed the resources we have to fight what we feel is land, wealth, and opportunity theft from our community, our families, and mostly, our children - AGAIN! Because we are Black, and poor, and often times voiceless, there are many who don't think we can win this fight. They think we are on a hopeless journey. But we have collectively committed to this effort. And though we believe in our hearts and spirits that we can win, if nothing else, we want to teach our children how to fight. How to fight for their individual lives and respect. We have been lied to by public officials too long about promises to be meaningfully engaged in future community plans and about commitments to equity and shared prosperity.
The Fight FOR Durham's Next Century is a fight for a reclamation of land through the development of Fayette Place - once the center of Durham's Black Wall Street. The development of that land will impact our city for the next 100 years and longer.
Our communities have a lot fewer resources than our oppressor - the Durham Housing Authority - but we have the power, heart, and spirit of Hayti. Once America's leading Black Wall Street. We know that $100,000 is not nearly enough for this monumental fight, but it would be a start. As we begin this ongoing fundraising campaign on April 4, 2022, the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, we hold on to his words that "the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step," and that The Dream is still alive in us. This is our step. This is our dream.
If you contribute, we as a Council will direct 100% of your tax-deductible contributions to this battle for our place in the future of Durham. Our funds will be held in account at Durham's M&F Bank - an original anchor of our historic Black Wall Street - and dispersed through our custodial relationship with United Way Greater Triangle (#56-1949103). We are battling for dignity and respect. Not just for us, but for future generations of Black Durham, and indeed, Black America - as we know this fight is currently being replicated in historic Black communities all across the United States. We want Hayti Reborn to be a model for how to win that fight.
If you believe in the future of Durham's Hayti community, the rebuilding of one of America's leading Black Wall Streets, the idea of economic development without gentrification, and the creation of ladders of upward mobility for people long ignored, disrespected, and disregarded, then please make a contribution to help us with our Fight FOR Durham's Next Century and follow us at www.haytireborn.com.
THANK YOU for your consideration from the Hayti Reborn Community Action Council!


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