For The Start Of The Satya Yuga From Nepal

सत्य युग को शुरुवात नेपाल बाट For The Start Of The Satya Yuga From Nepal

The money raised will be handled through a duly registered non-profit organization.

राम, कृष्ण र बुद्ध लाई मान्ने तर कल्कि लाई नमान्ने भन्ने हुँदैन।

जुन समाज आज अमेरिका मा छ त्यो कुनै न्यायोचित समाज होइन। दुनिया को सबैभन्दा धनी देश भन्छ तर बहुसंख्यक अमेरिकी लाई एक्कासि ५०० डॉलर चाहियो भने आपत पर्ने अवस्था छ। ग्लोबल वार्मिंग को कारण नै चरम असमानता हो। पेट फुटन लागेको हुन्छ लोभी मान्छे ले खान छोड्दैन। समाधान सत्य युग समाज को स्थापना हो। त्यस शुभ कार्य को प्रारम्भ नेपाल बाट हुँदैछ। नेपाल मा टेम्पलेट बन्छ र त्यो दुनिया को प्रत्येक देश सम्म पुग्छ।

If you believe in Rama and Krishna then you don't have any right to ignore the Kalki Avatar. Laxmiji said to Naradji when all temples will be closed and there will be lines on alcohol stores, people should acknowledge that time for arrival of the end of the Kaliyuga. This just happened during Corona when all temples were closed and there were lines on alcohol stores.
Shambh(u)+ (nep)al - Shambhal desh - in the country of shambhu, there is a place called mritkhani where river of milk ( dudhmati) merges in to bighi river. Pious soil for marriage of Sita was take from there after rishi muni of mithila did Yagya to find the most pious soil of Mithila and Nepal.
SatyaYuga Samaj Party (SSP) with its branch Kalki Sena that will fight with words of truth not swords of steel is getting established there to end the Kaliyug from Nepal first and then the rest of the world.
Research with 20 plus economists is planned to build a road map for a money and goldless society is being planned in Nepal, to be named "kalkiism."
Economists from India, China, and Nepal will be invited to complete the research.
And the new book " The Kalkiest Manifesto" will be published after the research.
That book will be the manifesto for the Satyayug Samaj Party from Nepal, India, China, and the rest of the world.
We are looking for volunteers to join the Kalki Sena.
Are you interested to be part of the Kalki Sena to bring the end to the Kaliyug?


Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
New Windsor, NY

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