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Food, Water, and Education for Mapapa's Children

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My name is Dora and I am 27 years old. I am a primary school teacher in the rural village of Mapapa, Zambia. 

The first time I visited Mapapa I was shocked at the level of poverty and the deep sense of hopelessness in the community. The children were malnourished, very few of them had any opportunity for education, there was no clean water, and hope was nonexistent. I felt strongly convicted to do something to help the children of this remote village.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I decided to move there to start a school. My goal is to bring hope through the love of Christ and the provision of practical needs such as education and food. Many of the children in the village do not have a good home-life. My school will be a place of love, acceptance, and growth, a place where God's love is real and tangible. The decision was a big one for me, and I involved several friends as we worked out the best way to start.

I moved to Mapapa 7 months ago, along with my two foster daughters. I opened a school a week after we arrived- the need was that desperate. For the first 4 months we lived in a small hut and I hosted school lessons under a tree. We enjoyed every moment of the experience. Later we were able to build a mud hut to use as a classroom. We have had many lessons including remedial skills, math, early reading, puzzles, hygiene, discipleship, etc. 

At the school I provide a hot meal every weekday for each of the children. This supplements the meager food they receive at home and gives them a better outlook for both mental and physical growth. A second meal each day is an unheard luxury for most village kids. I believe it will make a huge impact for them in so many ways. 

I hope to provide not just education and food, but also clean drinking water. We are currently drawing water, hand over hand, from a large pit/well. The water is murky and unsanitary. Additionally, it makes watering our garden is labor intensive and time consuming.

By providing a nutritious meal, clean drinking water, education, love, and the hope of Christ, we are already seeing so much improvement in the bodies and lives of our kids. 

I am so grateful for your interest in our project and I hope you will consider partnering with us to make this possible.

We have two big immediate needs at the school:
-- A borehole (drilled well). This will provide clean water for our school and members of the community. Not only will clean water reduce disease and improve hygiene, having a pump will enable us to water bigger gardens more easily. 

The fundraising goal is $5,000. This would cover survey, drilling, materials/supplies, pump, and everything required to have a clean water pump installed.

- The second need we have at the school is being able to feed all 45 kids every day. Times are hard right now, and it was already hard for my students before the pandemic hit. 

For $15/week I can provide 45 students with nshima (maize meal patties) and vegetables. I can add chicken or eggs several times a week for $10 more. At this point that has not been possible on our budget. I would love to make this possible for the kids. 

The fundraising goal is $650 to feed 45 students 5 hot meals a week for 6 months.

If we raise more than our goal, I will use the funds to buy other necessities for the students such as vitamins, school supplies, hygiene items, soap, etc.

As a missionary I raise my own personal support separately. Therefore ALL of the money raised by this GoFundMe campaign will go directly to the borehole and feeding project. 

GoFundMe is not directly available in Zambia, so my longtime ministry partner Ashley Keller is hosting the campaign in the USA and will be transferring the full amount raised to my bank account in Zambia. We have done fundraising together before so you can rely on her to transfer the money as soon as it is available.

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and consideration.

May God bless you.

You can follow me online! 

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Dora Moono Nyambe
Tucson, AZ
Ashley Keller

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