Feed and Educate the Most Vulnerable in Medellín


“It is vital and urgent that we provide food assistance to the growing number of vulnerable people in the region, as well as those who depend on informal work,” - Miguel Barreto, WFP Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Empower the Barrios is a humanitarian project designed to bring food to the most vulnerable communities in Colombia.
We are a team on site in Medellín and we work completely voluntarily to feed Medellín's most vulnerable. 

•     Empower the Barrios core value is to unite charities, government, local leaders and volunteers in the fight against Covid-19 food crisis.
•     Empower the Barrios aims to relief financial pressure through food aid to vulnerable populations and create opportunities for them through English education (second-phase).
•     Colombia was in national quarantine for 164 days since March 24th 2020 - September 1st 2020.
•     Colombian families already vulnerable before the COVID-19 crisis have plummeted into extreme poverty as a result of high percentages of job and income loss caused by the pandemic.

Join us in feeding the Colombian people in need.


•   97,6% Efficiency:

97,6% of public donations received by Empower the Barrios for Food Aid will be invested into direct food-relief.

All other donations made to Empower the Barrios will be made to specific items through specific campaigns.
All small and medium size donations come in on this page. 

Empower the Barrios does not use public donations to pay logistical costs.

2,1% is the fee that gofundme charges us and 0,3% is the international bank transfer fee. 

•    100% Transparency:

Transparent communication of finances, risks and challenges with our donors. 
View our Financial Documentation 

 For credibility, transparency and advertising purposes we have raised funds for a hundred Empower the Barrios Volunteer Shirts. The financial documentation of this fundraiser is visibile here: Financial Documentation. Argumentation for the payment-method used for this fundraiser is visible here.
100% of donations used for the shirts were donated for this specific purpose. 

•   The open-source-way:

Our way of working, contacts and knowledge is open-source. Humanitarian aid is not a zero-sum game and sharing our way of working contributes to progress.

•    Regular updates:

Feed the Barrios will regularly update our donors on the project’s progress via our GoFundMe page and our social media accounts.


On April 23rd, we started our  humanitarian project ‘Feed the Barrios’.

•    Empower the Barrios has delivered over 44,000 kgs of food to families affected by the coronavirus pandemic and on the verge of poverty. 

•    Empower the Barrios has worked diligently to streamline our process, learn from our mistakes and address risks and challenges head on without using public donations to fund our learning curve. As a result, we’ve been able to select a competent, compassionate and trustworthy network of social leaders, social workers and charities to identify the food-need in Medellín. 

Thanks to low food-prices and collaborations with local wholesalers, every dollar has a big impact.

In collaboration with government, private businesses, volunteers and community leaders we were able to reduce our food package price to 26.000 pesos / ($6.90USD)
Each food package provides 45 meals for a family.
Our financial documentation of our self-funded and public funded  period can be viewed here: Financial Documentation 


First Phase – Immediate Food Need

Fundraising goal: US$30.000

All donations through our first goal of US $30.000 will address emergency food aid for the most vulnerable families in Medellín. 

Second Phase – Education & Food Aid

Fundraising goal: US$20.000

Phase Two donations will be directed towards setting up a logistical system of English Volunteers to provide good english education to local foundations in Medellín. Learning English doubles the minimum wage in Medellín and creates job oportunities for people who otherwise would not be able to get a job. 

The second destination of donations in the second phase will be creating a financial buffer in the week of vulnerable populations through food packages and providing emergency food aid to families affected by emergency situations like landslides, fires, wildfires or floodings. 

Updates on individual sustainable projects will be posted on this page.


We work with three consistent collaborations:

1.      Wholesaler; We buy our emergency food-packages from our partner in the city’s wholesaler. There are no logistical costs, meaning that every penny goes to food.
2.      Emergency services & Police; For security and manpower we execute our food-aid with voluntary emergency services and police escorts. No logistical costs are paid by public donations.
3.      Network of social-leaders; This is our most valuable collaboration to identify the need in the city and direct our aid to the most vulnerable.

Thank you for supporting us in feeding Medellin’s people in need.


Some of the local partners that we’ve worked with:

-        Emergencias Apolo 
-        No Mother No Child 
-        Fundación Caminos 
-        Sembrando Paz y Esperanza 
-        HELP Colombia 
-        Fundación Rural Vereda Granizal  
-        Fundación Conciencia 
-        Sueños y Alas 
-        Aguapanelazo Medellín & Misioneros de la Calle 
-        Fundación Solidaridad y Compromiso 
-        Many social leaders throughout the whole city. 


Follow our work on our social media channels

Website: www.feedthebarrios.com 


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