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Today my children’s father confirmed what I had been dreading for months… that he had packed up our two children and moved them 7 hours away from the city that they were born and spent their entire lives. After spending the last month attempting to serve his lawyer court summons, he finally decided to share his new address with me causing even more of a delay in serving him. Once I was able to pick myself up off the floor, I knew representing myself in court just isn’t going to cut it. 

Friends and family know my situation well, but for anyone else - I am the “first wife” of the TLC reality TV Show, Seeking Sister Wife’s most recent addition - Sidian Jones, and the mother of our oldest and youngest children. Although, we were never married (despite spending 10 years together as a couple). The show states Sid and I were polygamists, which also wasn’t true. Regardless, as much as I wanted my name and my story to remain out of the public eye for the sake of our kids - my desperation has driven me forward.

With my children in mind, I will do my best to explain why I’m in this mess. Much will be left out, for their sake.

Sid was my very first boyfriend, who I met soon after I turned on 18. Nine months later, I became pregnant with our eldest. It was my personal desire for my child to have a present father that kept me in what quickly turned into a tumultuous, toxic, abusive relationship for the next decade. He demanded a one sided open relationship very early on. I was able to eventually disengage that aspect and ignore his persistent need to sleep around for the most part, until he moved in Tosha. Soon after, I experienced a mental breakdown and the relationship concluded. 

That relationship ate me up and spit me out. I returned to the world a broken, pit of a human. Even so, I did my best to heal and find a way to support my children. With my support system having been destroyed long ago, this proved quite difficult. It was only the past year that I even learned what coercive control was - and by then I had already played into my ex’s hand several times over. The details would undoubtedly make several novels.

Fast forward to the very beginning of the pandemic, I lost my job and subsequently my car. Soon after, I lost my home that I shared with my kids whom I had shared custody with my ex. To this day I wonder if my ex had a hand in losing my house, as the month prior he had issued another one of his “I’m going to ruin your life” threats - a threat he’s always carried out in over a dozen ways over the past five years since we split. This was quickly followed by the third court summons where he requested full custody of our children. With all the chaos at that time of COVID and starting a new job, I unknowingly missed the deadline to respond, and his request defaulted in his favor. I saw over five lawyers over the next six months to see what my legal options were, and was given grave news by each due to the many negative “opinions”  he submitted to the judge - by not responding, his “opinions” were now considered legally true. It was the sixth lawyer that chimed in to tell me I could have filed a motion to reverse the default, ONE WEEK past the six month window this would be allowed. 

I haven’t seen my children in 10 months. My ex now claims I’m on drugs and had even told my children this to explain why I cannot contact them. Interestingly, his out of the blue claim came two weeks after I apparently did not respond to his liking to the out of the blue message where he attempted to blackmail me. Although I was never given details of what show he would be appearing in, even going so far as to instruct my children not to share anything with me - he was quite concerned that I might try and tell MY story, or rather anything that might paint a negative picture of himself and Tosha. I learned the details of the show the day it premiered, long after my ex had decided it best the children have no contact with me. 

I’m a good Mom. I love my children with my entire being. Sure, I’ve made mistakes in the past - but I’ve learned from them, and apply those lessons daily. I’ve got a tremendous heart - which has suffered more than I knew possible by being excluded from my children’s lives. By far the most painful however is the thought my children may feel I’ve abandoned them for any reason.  My only wish is to see balance restored and find some sense of justice in any of this.

Thank you

For Liam and Tyrion

(Mom loves you!)


Jennie Dschaak
Boise, ID

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