Evanstonians for Reproductive Rights

It has been brought to our attention that our original imagery for this campaign was problematic. We regret that we caused harm to any Evanstonian. We can definitely do better. Thank you to those who spoke up. Genuinely, we are listening and learning, and we are works in progress. We have changed our images and will take care to use the new ones going forward. We look forward to continuing our work to raise money for reproductive rights until we reach our goal!

WAYS TO SUPPORT THIS GOFUNDME DURING THE SHOP, DINE, AND GIVE, August 11-14 (unless otherwise noted):

Shop and Give. These stores are donating a percentage of sales:

Raffles for Reproductive Rights:

Shop, Give and GET! Get a free Item with Donation or Purchase:

Stop by and Make a one-time donation! These shops are taking Donations In-Store:

Support these Businesses who are supporting this GFM!

Other Ways to Shop, Dine and Help at local businesses:

Are you an Evanston business that would like to participate? Email [email redacted] to join the list!


Enter at the Corner of Florence and Greenleaf


ART SALE: Join artists who identify as Allies of Reproductive Rights at the Nasty Women of Evanston Fundraiser in support of Planned Parenthood and Chicago Abortion Fund. Shop for art and proceeds to this GoFundMe! All pieces 12”x12”, all sell for $100/each.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Old School Vinyl Dance Party for Reproductive Rights!


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? A bunch of women business owners in Evanston got mad that our reproductive rights are being taken away, and more of our rights are being threatened. So now they're getting busy. They are raising money to benefit Planned Parenthood of Illinois (Planned Parenthood of Illinois), and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this important cause.

More information about Planned Parenthood of Illinois (Planned Parenthood of Illinois):

Mission: Planned Parenthood of Illinois the leader in providing and promoting compassionate, comprehensive reproductive health care, education, and rights.

Vision: Access for all to quality reproductive health care without judgment and with respect.


Access. We promote affordable, equitable access to reproductive health care, family planning services, and medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive sexual health education.

Activism. We fight to protect reproductive rights and health, and we encourage individuals to add their voices to ours.

Care. We care deeply about our patients, and we provide services with compassion and without judgment—no matter what.

Confidentiality. We honor and protect patients privacy.

Diversity. We value and respect linguistic, ethnic, cultural, racial, economic, sexual orientation, age, and gender differences.

Excellence. We offer safe, effective, high-quality, evidence-based, patient-centered reproductive health care, and preventive services.

Integrity. We conduct our work with honesty, transparency, and the highest ethical standards.

Respect. We treat patients, communities, and each other with dignity and we work hard to earn trust.

Self-determination. We foster knowledge of reproductive health and family planning options so people can make decisions that are right for them.

Stewardship. We commit to fiscal responsibility and efficient use of resources to achieve strong outcomes.

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