Update: Two lawsuits were filed in District Court, the first one went in favor of Cody Walker and his coaster, the second lawsuit went in favor of  EPCATS (Estes Park Citizens Against the Slide). This means that the whole project must go back for a hearing before the Board of Adjustment and the Planning Commission...great news since in our view it should have started with them. No doubt Cody Walker will appeal, but this is a huge win for those of us who care about property rights for residential areas and keeping commercial development out of those zoned areas.

Thank you all for your continued donations...this would never have been possible without all of you and your continued and ongoing support!!

This fund is for legal and court fees to fight the commercial mountain coaster proposed for a residential neighborhood in Estes Park, CO. It will become an amusement park if approved, with several other phases to follow according to the first development plan submitted to the Town.  This commercial amusement ride will allow commercial development in any residential neighborhood in the Estes Valley where zoning means nothing since this development will set a precedent. Proper processes, procedures, and codes were circumvented to accommodate this project. Subsequent development plans were submitted that took out future phases since there was such an outcry, plus numbers in various reports were changed to make the development look more favorable. We are not against a mountain coaster in a properly zoned area, just not where 140 assisted living facility residents, all neighborhood residents, or people attending church or a funeral, will hear 240 screaming people every hour plus all the mechanical noises,  all day long, and have to fight massive traffic.  The traffic on the road now handles approximately 500 cars each day, the coaster will conservatively add another 600 cars/day, and they say there will be no traffic issues. This coaster does not belong in a residential area.
     We need funds immediately because we filed a lawsuit to stop the amusement park. We have tremendous support from residents from all over the Estes Valley who understand the dire consequences of this project and the apparent Town's disregard for commercial enterprises in residential neighborhoods, and the decline of the quality of life of the residents in those RE-1 zoned areas.
     Thank you for saving all of our neighborhoods from massive and uncontrolled development and for keeping Estes Park pristine for all to visit and enjoy. 
     EPCATS (Estes Park Citizens Against the Slide) is a steering group of concerned citizens who have organized a massive group of citizens in the Estes Park Valley to not only fight this project but to also make sure the zoning changes that were done to accommodate this project are reversed so as to prevent future commercial projects in residential neighborhoods.
     For detailed information on this project, please go to epcats.org


Diana Van Der Ploeg
Estes Park, CO

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