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Empowering young leaders in Quibdó

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The goal of this campaign is to collect some of the funds we need to conduct a practical workshop with 25 young leaders in the city of Quibdó, Colombia. The workshop will allow them to create simple but powerful interventions to foster social change around topics they care about.

Supporters will get a report with the profiles of participants and the results of the workshop and the interventions.

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Quibdó is a magical and beautiful city in Colombia, with many challenges and many oportunities (learn more here and here ). Despite years of neglect, corruption and poverty, the region is full of talented people that are working hard to change their everyday realities. Developing the abilities and tools that local leaders have to engage their communities in meaningful change initiatives can have a big impact in the city.

What is the workshop about? Why is it important?
Changing the way we behave can have an enormous impact on social problems. Behavioural change interventions that engage people in collective actions around common problems can have a great impact in creating enduring social changes (see an example here).
The workshop will take place in September 2018 in Quibdó. We will choose 25 exeptional young leaders to attend the workshop via an open application. 
Apart from discussing some of the latest findings and methodologies on the subject, the workshop will allow participants to design and apply together a first pilot test of behavioural change projects that will have a positive impact in their city. Additionally, we want to provide some seed funds for them to continue with these interventions after the workshop.

Our previous experience
In 2015, we conducted a similar version of this workshop that was financed by the Fundación Liderazgo y Democracia and the Ford Foundation. That time, we worked with 20 local young leaders, who designed 3 interventions to reduce deaths in traffic accidents, littering and vote-buying practices in the city. In just 2 weeks, they managed to engage more than 1,600 people with the pilot tests of their projects, spreading awareness and behavioural changes in their local contexts.
After the workshop, one of the participants told us that: "the workshop really boosted my abilities, I learnt tools and knowledges about how to connect with citizens to promote a change in their behaviour and adress social challenges. Each of the interventions we did was really stricking, because we could learn about the people's behaviour". More than just a workshop, this is the final impact your contribution will have.

Who are we?
The workshop will be in charge of Paulius Yamin and Yineth Rentería. We are collecting the funds, and we are donating our own time and resources to this initiative in the hope it will be useful for people and a city we love.
- Paulius is a PhD candidate from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He researches and has several years of professional experience in behavioural change interventions for social change in Colombia (learn more here).
- Yineth is a young local leader from Quibdó who attended the previous version of the workshop. She is a local leader of the social movement Todos por la Educación (Everyone for Education), and is passionate about bringing positive changes to the city through education. About this call, she says: "we really need to keep motivating young people in Colombia and Latin America to reach their dreams, we are the leaders of today and tomorrow, we want to touch many young people's lives by sharing our own leadership experiences and to encourage them to keep alive this legacy of inspiration for the next generation" (to know more about Yineth's story click here).

The local social movement Todos por la Educación Quibdó is also helping us organise the workshop.

What will the money be used for?
Your money will allow us to cover for some logistic expenses that we are not able to cover ourselves, as well as providing seed money for the projects to continue after the workshop. This includes:
- Lunch for the workshop participants (£80)
- Stationery materials for the interventions (£40)
- Seed funds to finance the continuation of the designed interventions (£380)
- Some of the internal travel costs for workshop speakers (£300)

What happens if we don't collect all the money we need?
If we don't reach our goal of donations we will still carry out the workshop, so your contribution won't be lost! We will use whatever we managed to collect in the lunch and stationery materials for participants, and whatever is left we will divide between seed funds and travel costs.

For organizations / larger contributions
The specific topics that will be targeted through the workshop's interventions are yet to be decided. If you / your organisation would like to make a larger contribution in exchange for us targeting a specific topic of interest that will benefit the city of Quibdó and its inhabitants, please contact us.

No money?
If you don’t have the resources or you prefer not to give money, please help us share this call among your friends! Also, if you think you can contribute in a different way to this initiative, please get in touch.

Remember, the price of one lunch (£15) can pay for the lunch of as much as 6 young leaders that take part in the workshop.


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