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Please help me to help us all .

Many of you will know that I've been protesting the unlawful CoViD Lockdown now for months. 

This includes via authorised and non-authorised protests, videos explaining how the Lockdown is unlawful / illegal, particularly with:

border closures - prohibited by section 92 of the Commonwealth Constitution,

discrimination of residents from one State/Territory to another - prohibited by section 117 of the Commonwealth Constitution,

and the soon to come mandatory vaccinations - prohibited by section 51(xxiiiA) of the Commonwealth Constitution,


As a part of this, I had applied for an authorised protest for Surfer's Paradise - for 30 May, via the Queensland Police Service.  Others were to follow at the same location, but for different dates.  This was opposed by a police Sergeant, on CoViD-19 grounds, who successfully sued me using the Peaceful Assembly Act 1992 (Qld). 

I say that that was incorrectly decided, and it is currently subject to appeal to the District Court of Queensland with the mention on 31 July, 2020.

The reason for this fund raiser is that I am fighting for you, to overturn this illegal / unlawful lockdown. 

This lockdown / shutdown has resulted in many suicides, bankruptcies, depression, the destruction of Australia and the individual states and territories - as well as for most of Western Civilisation (and some of the rest of the world).

It turns out that the virus is not so deadly as first believed, thankfully, and there is of course the travesty of 'dying WITH CoViD' (even presumed but not tested for, being classified as 'CoViD Deaths'... as opposed to 'dying FROM CoViD'.

The CoViD Directions are not law, they ought to be challenged in court to test if that is so (and therefore the whole lockdown being illegal and ultra vires (beyond power).

The funds hear raised, and any funds rolled over from the previous challenge invalid laws fundraiser, shall be as trust money - to be used to indemnify me if I lose the case (in fighting for all of our lives, and our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on the 'no harm principal'). 

E.g. if I was to lose, and if the court was to determine that I must pay the other side's costs (which might be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars potentially, plus my own costs) that my whole life isn't destroyed via bankruptcy.

If we can each chip in a little, then we all take a little hit, if I lose in fighting for the liberty of us all, instead of me being the sole bearer of all the risk.  We must all bear in mind that with great rewards (like freedom) come great responsibilities - keeping it in mind that although I believe the case is strong, a judge may determine otherwise.

If we win, or if the  court does not award costs against us (which might be under various grounds), then the money will be rolled into other legal challenges of purported invalid / ultra vires / inoperative (but enforced) laws.

I am currently in discussions with a barrister and solicitor about potentially taking on the case, and am applying for an adjournment so that any legal team taken on can take on the case properly, with necessary time for amendments to the Notice of Appeal, to research, formulate arguments, etc.

Basically, I need to raise at least a minimum of $20,000-$30,000 to help mitigate the risk of losing, as well as cover other expenses such as hearing fees, etc. 

Hopefully we can raise at least that amount (but more will be much more helpful, but we have to start somewhere for a minimum viable amount)before noon on Friday 25 July, otherwise I may have to withdraw the case and take the hit of costs of both parties already spent. 

Unfortunately 'justice' costs a lot of money in Australia, from filing fees, hearing fees, set down fees, appeal book fees, disbursements, to legal costs.  If people are unwilling to help then there is only so much that I can do.

I appreciate than many people are not in a position to help though - much of which was caused by this very CoViD lockdown that I am fighting so desparately to fight - fighting for us all. 

If you are in such a position to help financially, please do so, if you are not then please help by spreading the word of this fundraiser and case like wildfire.

Thank you kindly, 

Arjay Martin.

21 / 07 / 2020.

This is not legal advice & statements are of reasonable held opinion only.

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