Ryan's Fight

Hi, my name is Sonia; I am setting up a fundraiser for my niece Ryan Nicole. Ryan was born 9lbs 2oz on December 22nd, 2021. She came home and stole her family's heart instantly. Ryan has an older brother Everett AKA "The Good Sir," who adores his little sister. One evening Ryan began to throw up and choked on her spit-up. After clearing her airway and making sure she was okay, her breathing was noticed to be rapid with accessory muscle use and her nostrils flaring. Ryan was taken to her pediatrician immediately, where they gave her respiratory treatments, but Ryan was still not presenting in the way the doctor liked. Ryan was then rushed to the hospital from her pediatrician's to the ER by EMS for further evaluation. The ER doctor ran the typical respiratory tests, and it all came back negative. However, the doctor heard a murmur while assessing Ryan that should have been resolved by then, per the doctor. The ER doctor then advised my brother and sister-in-law to follow up with cardiology to see if anything was abnormal with Ryan's heart.
Ryan was scheduled for an ECHO cardiogram (an ultrasound on her heart). Unfortunately, it was found that she has a "Complete Atrioventricular Canal Defect." CAVC is a severe congenital heart disease with a hole in the center of the heart where the upper and lower heart chamber should be with four valves separating each chamber to separate oxygenated and unoxygenated blood flow. Unfortunately, Ryan is missing all four valves, making it hard for her body to thrive. Despite different methods and her mother's efforts, Ryan continues to lose weight and tire out very quickly between feeds. Her cycle has become wake up, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. Occasionally Everett, her mother and father, and a few family members manage to crack a smile out of Ryan, which leaves her family in awe. Still, she sleeps most of the time because her body is fighting hard to balance the energy to breathe, eat, and essentially function like an average 2-month old with a regular heart.
On March 7th Ryan had a cardiology appointment where she weighed in at 10lbs 5oz. Ryan should have doubled her weight and begin to meet 2-month-old milestones at this point. However, her cardiologist decided to directly admit Ryan to the Miami Children's hospital with her mother staying by her side. Still, right now, all her family can do is hope and pray that Ryan Nicole can put on weight for her to have an open heart surgery to repair and form all four of her heart valves that are vital for her survival. At this time, Ryan can not have the procedure until she gains weight; therefore, more than likely, a feeding tube will have to be placed to make sure she gets the nutrition she needs if bottle feeds are not tolerated.
My brother and sister-in-law are not aware of me starting this fundraising campaign, but they are good honest, hard-working people who would do anything to help their families. But unfortunately, they have found themselves in a situation no parent ever hopes to face. I am aware that times are hard right now but for everyone worldwide. So all I ask is people can donate whatever they can to help pay for the medical funds for Ryan Nicole. She is just one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, and her family can't wait till she fights on through this rough patch. I am having shirts made with a design with the words "Ryan's fight around the design in red. If you would like to purchase a shirt, I will be selling them for $30; leave a comment, and there will be a separate link to purchase them. So please buy a shirt or donate to my baby niece. I'm sure once she's moving and grooving like her Auntie Sonia, she would give you all a hug with a warm smile to say thank you for the donations.
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