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Clean Creeks Football Club

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Clean Creeks Fooball Club (CCFC) was founded by Robert Rutkai October of 2016.

CCFC brings students together to clean the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay.

CCFC members gather at the CCFC Headquarters, split into groups, paddle out on kayaks and paddleboards, clean trash for two hours, return and weigh each group's trash, and which ever group has the most trash wins a CCFC T-Shirt.

CCFC benefits the entire world, but more specifically residents of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and soon other major watersheds in the United States.;

CCFC has collected 4,961 pounds of trash as of Nov 22, 2017 and is expanding to other schools in the United States. 

Additional funds are needed for kayaks, paddle boards, paddles, CCFC T-Shirts, trash bags, gloves, and advertizing. Up to this point CCFC has been funded independantly by Sailor's Dock Marina.

Any funds recieved as soon as possible will be appreciated and immediately put toward improving the environment and waterways.

Check out our website to read in-depth descriptions of each event and see pictures and videos of CCFC members in action.


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Robert Rutkai
Edgewater, MD
Linda Rutkai

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