Claudia goes to TANZANIA 2018

Hi all!
I am travelling to Tanzania, which is a small country located in East Africa, where the life expediency of someone in Tanzania is 45 (thats my dad's age).

I am leaving Australia on the 30th of November and returning on the 21st  of December, my 3 week expedition to Tanzania  includes low level trekking, a coastal stay, helping the local community, exploring native wildlife and environmental project work.

The most rewarding part of my expedition will be helping the community by building / adding to local huts such as school houses, where on average 66 children learn all at once in one cramped room.  
Classroom in Tanzania

I will be making a contribution to a community needing development and partaking in environmental conservation initiatives, all in less fortunate regions where I will work. This work can range from helping to dig foundations for a classroom, collecting rubbish to be recycled, or planting trees, my small input will change the lives of local people, one day at a time.

The work that you will get involved in will directly benefit the community: whether it be helping to dig foundations for a classroom, collecting rubbish to be recycled, or planting trees, your input will change the locals’ lives, one day at a time.

Facts about Tanzania:
- 70% of people in Tanzania live on $8.75 a week (to put that into perspective the average Australian earns $1438.4 per week)
The GDP of Tanzania is $47.18 billion, which is grossly inadequate given its size. In comparison, the top three richest men in the contemporary world earn more than its GDP.
- There is a large culture of tribes with 162 co existing peacefully in Tanzania

My goal is to raise $2,400 for my expedition, as my dad has generously agreed to pay the remainder under the condition he gets $2,400 back out of his $7,500. This is a huge amount of money and will in no way be easy to raise. But I ask you my family, friends or strangers to please help me by donating, the smallest amount will go a long way.

This expedition will help me with discovering new cultures and to become more grateful for how privileged I am compared to those living in third world countries, I will also discover the true meaning of hard work through building and working in local villages.

This page is not the only use of fundraising I am also having a garage sale as we have a lot of things that need a new home, and I will be exploring other fundraising options.
Local children from village

Video by an Tanzania volunteer! < WATCH 

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